Real Estate

Center Township

James Cullen to Zachary Stephen, manufactured home and 1.3 acres on state Route 172; $6,000


Brian Lindberg to Alexander Perkins, home on Hawkins Lane; $180,000

Jason and Alysha Norbo to Paul and Kaitlyn Potesta, home on Fairfield Avenue; $220,000

Douglas Shaffer to Lane Bowman, home on Fairfield School Road; $70,000

East Liverpool

R & P New Life Properties to Eric Green, home on Globe Street; $39,000

Phil and Mary Boehm to Andrew and Brittany Arcuragi, home on Williams Avenue; $80,000

East Palestine

Abby Elliott to Terry Keresty, commercial property (The Big Show building) at 30 N. Market St.; $27,500

Donald Porter, et al, to Donna Smith, home on Wallace Avenue; $87,000

Richard and Debra Putnam to Kody and Rebecca Simpson, home on West North Street; $103,000

Elkrun Township

Rick Smith to Warren and Deborah Smith, 5 acres on state Route 154; $9,500

Fairfield Township

Sarah Elizabeth Robb Trust to Pennant Field Gathering, right of way on state Route 558; $17,500

Knox Township

Keith Oswalt to Yoich and Tara Ngiraingas, home on U.S. Route 62; $129,500


Charlotte Hillyer Trust to Jason and Sarah Gusstwiller, home on Garfield Street; $225,000

Madison Township

John and Pearl Fraser Trust to Esther and James Volino, 1.5 acres on state Route 45; $7,200

Middleton Township

Cheryl Hall to George and Connie Welsh, manufactured home and 2 acres on Taylor Road; $45,000

Karen Shank to James and Marcy Courtwright, home and 36 acres on state Route 154; $270,000


Janika and Christopher Gay to Richard Bailey, home on Aetna Street; $1,250

Annie Manley to Matt Krebs, home on Madison Avenue; $127,500

Steven Russell to Mitchell McGuire, home on Woodland Avenue; $18,000

Kaitlyn Williamson to Paul and Paula Keglor, home on Sixth Street; $119,000

Susan Distelhorst to Judith and Wayne Allio, home on Park Avenue; $130,000

Joseph Faieta, et al, to Darrell and Lexa Cleland, home on Shady Lane; $160,000

Jeff Biery to SDM Enterprises, 2.4 acres on Shady Lane; $45,000

Jayson and Brenda Blaine to Raistlin Curtis, home on Prospect Street; $86,000

Dean Garwick to Joseph Brooks, home on Superior Avenue; $63,000

Mike and Renee Weikart to Kara Rose, home on Brooklyn Avenue; $102,000

Salem Township

Charlotte Capel to Pamela and James Murray Jr., 0.6 acres Apple Ridge Road; $10,000.

Ella Cibula to Brent and Lisa Eberly, home and 1 acres on state Route 45; $14,000


Kelly Howard to Fred Steffensmeier, home and 16 acres on Old Monroeville Road; $159,500

St. Clair Township

Diloreto Development to Joseph and Mallory Wines, 1.4 acre lot on Civitella Drive; $45,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Randy Jarrett, home at 16433 Cornell Ave.; $17,000

3G5 Ltd to Gregory and Sherri Smith, home and 1.3 acres at 13849 Sprucevale Road; $180,000

John and Marian Lockhart to Danny Hornback, home on Cannons Mill Road; $123,000


William and Holly Morrow to Theresa Cope, home on Leetonia Road; $117,000

Wayne Township

Clyde and Carl Gaston to Susan Mowery, mineral rights to property on state Route 164; $25,000