Yellow Creek trustees field road complaint

WELLSVILLE– Former Yellow Creek trustee attended last week’s meeting to comment about the condition of Nicholson Road.

Ralph Samberson attended the meeting to complain about how it has been 14 years since Nicholson Road has had any work done to it. According to Samberson the last time Nicholson Road had been chip sealed was 2005, which was the last year he was a trustee.

“I figured I better get it [the road] done. The way you guys are I didn’t think I’d ever get it done again, which 14 years later I’m right, it’s not done,” said Samberson. “The ditching needs done, the road is no good because the water is all in the road.”

The trustees have been looking into options to repair both Nicholson Road and McKee Road. They had received a estimate costing between $17,000 to $20,000 per mound of material to chip seal the roads. Currently the trustees are looking for a less expensive supplier or an alternative to fix the roads.

“The roads need a base layer and once they have that we can do a lot,” said Trustee Ken Biacco.

The street department plans to clean the drainage ditches on both Nicholson Road and McKee Road before the roads are repaired. Trustee Glenn McKenzie said cleaning the ditches is a needed step in repairing these roads. The street department is waiting for some of the water from the heavy rains to evaporate before ditching. “We know we have bad roads and we’re doing the best we can to do to fix them,” said McKenzie. “We don’t have the funding to jump right on projects. We got to work on them, but we’re also trying to stretch our money at the same time.”

Samberson also complained about how his request for a road sign has not been made. Back in December, Samberson said he attended a meeting where he requested the trustees put up a road sign for Nicholson. After not having his request fulfilled he has put a sign up himself.

In other actions the board

— Announced that during the June 1 tire and appliance cleanup, they collected two trucks loads of tires and filled the dumpster three quarters of the way full. They plan to do another one in October.

— The Ohio EPA has started removing tires from the properties on McKee Road, Taggart Hill and Crawford Road, with plans of having the tires removed from all three properties by Friday. The Ohio EPA awarded Yellow Creek a grant worth $25,243 to remove all the tires located at these properties.

— Announced June 25 as the sale date of the 1997 International truck with plow. The minimum bid for the truck is $10,000.


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