Wellsville council member gives update on collapsed building

WELLSVILLE–Village council member Karen Dash held a Wellsville Building Committee meeting on Tuesday to update council members on the status of 431 Main Street, the building that collapsed on May 18.

“The removal of the building is a fluid situation, things change daily,” said Dash.

Council does not know if the building has asbestos, and at this time an inspection for asbestos cannot be done, but they are assuming it does because of its 1930 construction. They are looking into what they can do, and are looking for solutions that best serve tax payers.

Main Street is partially open, and Mayor Nancy Murray asks that drivers stop at the newly added stop signs near the collapsed building.. The signs have been added as a safety precaution.

“The problem is that for too long we’ve been turning our heads thinking these buildings are just going to go away, and they are definitely not,” said Dash. “We need to make them more accountable for these buildings.”

Council has sent police summons for other dilapidated buildings. Five nuisance properties were on the June 13 Wellsville Mayor Court docket. The nuisance properties of 320 Main owned by Chris McNicol, 356 Main owned by Roy Larkins, 409 Main owned by Dorothy Shepherd and 511 Main owned by Chris Eastmond, and William Bowers the owner of 431 Main were listed on the docket. According to the Columbiana auditors website Bowers is the owner of 431. He has a pre trial date set for June 27. Bowers does intend to sign the property over to the village once the paper work is ready, which is a needed step in the removal of the building.

Larkins and Eastmond both pled no contest on Thursday, and have until Aug. 22 to take care of their properties or they will be charged a $25 per day fine until something is done about their properties. McNicol and Shepherd were unable to attend on Thursday and will have another court date scheduled.