Students donate to charity

Submitted photo Shown are (from left) Alyssa Barnett, Jacek Strotz and Tori Shields

BELOIT — Adrienne Lesnett’s freshman honors English class at West Branch High School wrapped up their charity project at the end of May. Students are asked to select a charity of their choice, create an action plan for fundraising, conduct fundraising over the second semester, complete a 500 word essay, give a presentation to the class about their charity, create a one minute public service announcement, and write a business letter to the charity with the money collected. “My students choose a cause that has a special meaning for them or they are passionate about and complete most of this project on their own schedule,” said Lesnett. A contest is held at the end of the year between all of the student’s projects. Six students are selected and the final three are interviewed by a panel of educators. Lesnett then donates to the top three winning students cause. Winners were Jacek Strotz in first place (National Kidney Foundation), Alyssa Barnett in second place (Tim Tebow Foundation) and Tori Shields in third place (Newborns In Need). Lesnett first instituted this activity as part of her honors curriculum during the 2012 school year. Since 2012, her students have raised more than $50,000 for various causes.