$13K deficit for Lisbon sports programs

LISBON – The Lisbon school’s sports programs ran a combined $13,000 deficit in 2018-19.

The issue came up at last week’s school board when they were discussing the recent meeting between the athletic committee and coaches. School Superintendent Joseph Siefke said the biggest loser was the football program, which ended the year $3,500 in the hole, which he said was due to low attendance he attributed to the bad weather that seemed to coincide with every home game.

There are only four varsity sports that make any sort of money –football, volleyball and boys and girls basketball – and the other never turn a profit. While football is generally the biggest moneymaker, the basketball teams were the only teams to generate a profit this past year.

“So when football doesn’t have a good year at the gate, it can put a strain on the others,” he said, adding, “They can’t budget the weather.”

Siefke pointed to the purchase of a new scoreboard at the football stadium contributed to the deficit. The deficit the previous year was $11,000.

Board members were philosophical, saying sports are a vital extracurricular activity they provide for students. “This isn’t a business,” said board President Gene Gallo. “We’re not supposed to make money. It’s something that’s important to the community. Even if we don’t break even there is value in what they do.”

In other business, the board:

–Renewed the contract with Nutrition Inc. to continue operating the school’s cafeterias for another year. The contract is expected to result in a $12,266 surplus for the district, but if that does not materialize Nutrition will pay the district $10,000.

–Agreed to continue with its random drug-testing program for high school students participating in extracurricular activities by renewing its contract with Great Lakes Biomedical. The cost of $17 per test represents an increase of $3, which is the first in five years.

–Approved the following cafeteria prices for the upcoming school year: 30 cents and 95 cents for breakfast; $2.35 for lunch at McKinley Elementary and $2.60 at the junior/senior high school, 40 cents reduced. Milk cost 50 cents per carton at both buildings.

–Agreed to continue with its online school, which had 21 students last year. Siefke said the cost is $2,000 to $3,000 a year.

–Filled the following coaching positions: Chris Hucksold, varsity boys basketball; Jamie Entriken, girls varsity basketball; Kenedee Pezzano, assistant volleyball; Karen Faulk, 7th grade volleyball; Tiffany Donahue, 8th grade volleyball; Natalie Ammon, junior high cheerleading.

— Issued three-year contract extensions to the following administrators: McKinley Elementary Principal Dan Kemats; Assistant junior/senior high school principal Kyle Bing; fiscal assistants Terry Woyan and Cathy Restifo. They will receive the same pay raises as teachers under a three-year contract approved last year: 3 percent, 2.5 percent and 2 percent.

— Junior/Senior High School Principal Keith Edenfield reported scholarships totaling more than $34,000 were awarded by the Lisbon Alumni Association to recent graduates.


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