Former jewelry store building collapses

WELLSVILLE — The former Shingler’s Jewelry store building in Wellsville collapsed over the weekend. The side wall of the building came down on Saturday around 9:15 a.m. The collapse resulted from deterioration. The second floor of the building had fallen and was on the first floor with the middle of the building missing.

“There is no roof on the building and all the rain and snow rotted all the joists and all the walls started coming down,” said Fire Chief Berry Podwell.

The two story building located at 431 Main Street was built in 1930. It is foreclosed on and has been unoccupied for approximately 10 years. William Bowers is listed as the owner. In 2009 the building became delinquent on tax payments with a total of $8,376 worth of back taxes owed. The property had been transferred from Huntington National Bank back to Bowers.

The most recent inspection of the building was Oct. 23, 2018. After this inspection Podwell had written a citation notifying Bowers to either tear the building down or to fix it up. This is the only citation Podwell is aware of for the property.

Since the collapse the nearly 90 year old building will be demolished, with Wellsville paying for its removal. In Tuesday’s council meeting an executive session approved a Stan Cunningham Inc. bid to demo the house. Council approved the demo for $13,240 with the money coming from the village’s general fund. During Tuesday’s meeting council also approved the third reading of ordinance number 19-08, an ordinance establishing minimum standards for exterior property maintenance, which were last established in 1993.

“There are a lot of dilapidated buildings on the verge,” said Councilman and Chairman of the Finance Committee John Morrow, “We’re giving more teeth to the existing legislation.”

Main Street between Fourth and Fitth street is closed after the collapse and will remain closed until the building is torn down. The building should be removed within five days. The section of main street was closed for safety reason and Chief Podwell warns residents not to move the road blocks. Anyone caught moving the closed road signs will be cited.