ELO doctor’s office closed


EAST LIVERPOOL — A medical clinic in the city was abruptly shut down after noon Thursday by state officials.

According to two men at the scene who were carrying out a clear plastic tote of vials and medications from the office of Vern Orlang, MD, at 501 Jefferson St., they could provide no information on why — except to say that the clinic will remain closed through the end of the week.

Upon contact with Trinity Health System in Steubenville, as they recommended, a spokeswoman did verify that his offices would indeed be closed pending on an ongoing investigation. “I cannot comment on the particulars,” she revealed.

However, she did recommend Orlang’s patients go to either one of Trinity’s Express Clinics in Calcutta or Toronto.

“Our main focus is making sure that patients maintain a continuum of care,” she added.

Orlang, who has 37 years of experience, is a family medicine doctor, according to his Vitals.com page. He is a graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Attempts to contact the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy Thursday afternoon were unsuccessful.

East Liverpool City Hospital officials were unaware of the action Thursday until contacted. They had no information to offer.