Fire raises Guilford neighbor’s blood pressure

Morning Journal/Deanne Johnson Hanover Township firefighters climb up searching for hot spots in the roof of trailer 22 in the trailer park at Guilford Lake on Sunday afternoon.

GUILFORD LAKE — A vacant trailer in the neighborhood behind Family Dollar caught fire Sunday afternoon and firefighters from three departments were able to stop it from spreading to other nearby structures.

A nearby neighbor said it had been a relaxing afternoon, but when she came outside to check on her son she saw a large amount of smoke coming from behind the neighbor’s shed across the street, which was turning black. It was a sight she said she has witnessed several times while living in the trailer park.

“I’m screaming call 911,” the woman said as she ran across the street to see what was on fire and if anyone was inside. At first she thought it was the neighbors’ shed, people she has known for 20 years, but instead she found it was the trailer behind it.

The witnesses said they were uncertain at the time whether anyone was inside. They did not know the person who had lived there had moved out.

The woman said she was also concerned either the shed or the tree above the trailer was going to catch fire and it would spread. The siding on the back of the shed did melt off.

Hanover Township Fire Chief Tim Wood said the resident was found to have moved out and an investigator from the state fire marshal’s office will be asked to assist in determining the cause.

Firefighters from the two Hanover Township stations, were joined by Winona firefighters. Additionally, Lisbon firefighters assisted by running water from the hydrant on County Home Road to fill a holding pool at the scene. There are no fire hydrants near the trailer park at Guilford Lake.

Wood said the trailer is owned by Rick Morgan.

Firefighters were recalled to the trailer later, after a storm blew through the area.