Feeling punished enough, man asks for leniency, gets probation

LISBON — Jerry L. Taylor told Common Pleas Court Judge Scott Washam he had already been punished enough when he appeared for sentencing on Thursday.

Taylor, 61, Lisbon Road, Leetonia, had pleaded guilty Feb. 7 to possession of drugs and tampering with evidence. Originally, he had been charged with assault and harassment with a bodily substance as well.

Taylor and his defense attorneys, Colleen Hall Dailey and Christopher Weeda, indicated his involvement with the case has cost him dearly.

On Jan. 14, 2017, in the area of Old Route 344 and Grafton Road, Taylor threw two baggies, one containing cocaine, into a ditch and then allegedly struggled with police while he attempted to empty the baggies. At one point, the charges alleged Taylor also had spit twice in a police officer’s face, which caused great concern because it was believed Taylor may have been a carrier of tuberculosis.

During one hearing, Washam ordered Taylor to have testing done to make certain he was not a TB carrier.

Dailey said Taylor volunteered to have a “long and difficult” TB test done, during which his lungs were filled with fluids and then drained. The test proved in the end he did not have TB, which Dailey said should allow the police officer to feel confident he was not infected and does not need to be monitored himself.

Additionally, while having his lungs tested, Taylor was found to have cancer, which was caught early, Dailey said, and should be able to be treated.

Before Washam, Taylor talked about the problems his alleged condition caused him. He said when all this happened and he was taken to the county jail, they ended up sending him away, locking the jail down, scrubbing everything down and would not even let him make a phone call to get a ride. Taylor said he walked about 5.4 miles home.

He also had to merge his business with someone else and step away because no one wanted to work with him. He had to hire attorneys to help him with his case.

“I have paid dearly for this crime I have done,” Taylor said. “I’ve been punished severely, thousands and thousands of dollars at this time.”

Taylor asked for Washam to allow him to walk away and pay a fine so it will be over.

Washam placed Taylor on three years community control.



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