Encouraging words heard about Crestview levy

NEW WATERFORD — Two residents on the Crestview Schools Levy Committee made a push for the measure on the upcoming May 7 ballot, when voters in the district will be asked to pass a 2.43 mill levy for new construction and a .5 mill levy to continuously cover the cost of upkeep.

If the levy passes, over 35 years it will generate the school’s share of $5.2 million with the Ohio Schools Facility Commission paying 88 percent of the $43 million project to construct new schools.

“Why not,” said Diane Hart, treasurer of the levy committee, questioning why would voters not make a small investment into a new facility for students to provide them with a place with state of the art technology, safety and security.

Hart went on to note people gamble on 50-50 and scratch off tickets, but the way she sees it “our school district is holding a winning ticket worth $38 million and we need to cash it in.”

Another levy committee member, Valerie Smotrila also got up at the recent board meeting and spoke about the levy stating she is a mother and a grandmother of those who have attended and are attending Crestview. Smotrila said she is all for anything which is for the children.

“You’ve got to go with this thing,” Smotrila said. “We’ve got a great school system with great faculty and students. I couldn’t be more proud and I’m supporting it 100 percent.”

During the annual technology report, director of technology Daryl Miller also made a push for the levy, talking about how it will help the school keep up with the technology needed for students.

Student liaison Jeremy Miller also talked about the levy, noting it is discouraging when he sees people with signs in their yards against the levy.

Board member Dave McGoogan told Miller the Crestview students who are 18, if they supported the levy, could be enough to help pass the levy this May. It failed by about 100 votes in November. McGoogan pointed out some senior classes sponsor signs or other projects for the school as they graduate, but this graduating class of 2019 could build a whole school.



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