Real Estate

Butler Township

Neil Brown to TBR Investments LLC, home on Valley Road; $63,000.

Lower Elkton Properties LLC to Mark R. Schwingle and Brittany A. Skiba, home on Valley Road; $111,000.

Center Township

Michael D. Manes and Justin M. Fano to Roy A. Larkin, home on Grant Street; $8,000.


Roger and Charlotte Brauer to Michelle M. Pinciaro, home on Edgewood Drive; $120,000.

Mabel O. Weston to Mary Ann Heckathorn, home on state Route 164; $41,000.

John and Candace Heintzelman to Jennifer R. Witherow, home on North Middle Street; $108,143.

East Liverpool

Nan Marie Smith to Donald and Jan Hunt, industrial structures on Virginia Avenue; $30,000.

Rose Marie Carroll to Robert P. Blystone, home on Brier Alley; $2,000.

Dozier Management LLC to Richard and Melissa Wymer, homes and residential vacant land on Dresden Avenue and East Ninth Street; $15,000.

East Palestine

Brian J. Stauffer to Brian Allen Stanifer, home on Clark Street; $82,000.

James and Nancy Ruscoe to Neo Group 1 LLC, home on Clark Street; $1,500.

Fairfield Township

Jason and Alysha Norbo to Larry and Darlene Evans, home on Fairfield School Road; $145,000.

Dylan and Starla Smidt to Melvin or James Harts, 6.2 acres of land on state Route 164; $33,000.

Franklin Township

Hilda Pearl Briceland Revocable Trust to Kenneth and Gregory Hruby, cash grain or general farm land qualified for agricultural use on Meister Road; $371,669.

Knox Township

Robert and Karen Page to Pingora Loan Servicing LLC, (sheriff’s sale) home on Winona Road; $80,000.


Mary A. Gaulding to Scott and Susan Nutter, residential vacant land on West Chestnut Street; $6,000.

Liverpool Township

James and Rhonda Sanford to Nathan M. Sanford, home on Densmore Avenue; $20,000.


Scot and Melissa McClelland to Rachel and Brok Downs, home on East Seventh Street; $98,700.

Salem Little Quakers Inc to Antonio and Edith Papale, commercial building and commercial vacant land on Chestnut Grove Road and Lincoln Avenue; $6,000.

Robert and Darlene Hutton to Glenneth Lorraine Moss, home on Lexington Avenue; $79,000.

Gary L. Houdyshell Sr., to Indecisive Properties LLC, commercial warehouses and industrial vacant land on Cedar Street and South Lundy; $110,000.

Kenneth and Lola Mcartney to Gerald and Jean Capel, condominium on Lincoln Avenue; $59,000.

Salem Township

Gary L. Wilms to Scott E. Arter, home on Leetonia Road; $90,000.


Richard L. Wright Sr. to Virginia A. Showalter, home on Salineville Road; $110,000.

St. Clair Township

Dian M. Crea and Patricia Ann Madis to Michael E. Bowyer, home on Oakmont Avenue; $170,000.

Jeremy and Mike Shaw to Darin Porter, home on Bell School Road; $215,000.

Larry and Nancy Cochran to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, home on Bell School Road; $24,000.

Unity Township

Harry Anderson to Ronald or Corrie Rafferty, 5 acres of cash grain or general farm land on Padgett Road; $14,500.

Washington Township

Martin James Dangelo and Christy Dangelo to Roy and Jesse Johnson, home on Walnut Ridge Road; $230,000.


Jeffrey and Darla Atwood to Jeffrey and Caroline Farnsworth, home and residential vacant land on Commerce Street and Fifth Street; $75,000.

West Township

Cori L. Blackburn to Patrick and Carol Hudson, house trailer or mobile home affixed to real estate on Lynchburg Road; $150,00.

US Bank Association to Jonathan Dye, home on Lorey Road; $8,500.

Yellow Creek Township

SG Capital Partners LLC to The Dexter Group Trust, home on state Route 45; $25,543.