Real Estate

Butler Township

University of Mount Union to Aaron and Ashley Cosma, 19 acres on Georgetown-Damascus Road; $149,900.

Center Township

David and Marlene Stewart to Christian Gostey, home on Black Road; $74,000.


Belden Properties to Robert Phillips, home on Union Street; $77,000.

East Liverpool

Paul and Brian Chisom to Alan Barnes Rentals, home on St. George Street; $24,000.

East Palestine

Flipp’N Investments LLC to Dan and Roxanne Clements, home on Kenmar Street; $130,000.

Fairfield Township

Donald Wukotich, trustee, to Peter and Kenneth Wukotich, property at 1764 Columbiana-Lisbon Road; $12,100.

Donald Wukotich, trustee, to Donald and Dorothy Wukotich, trustees, home on state Route 164; $78,800.

Thomas Giuliani to Ken Vanpelt, home and 24 acres on $205,000.

Franklin Township

Tim and Veneta Ponsaa to Dustin Andric, 2.8 acres on Foundry Hill Road; $10,000.

Knox Township

Francis Hudson to Patrick and Kimberly Myers, home and 1.5 acres on Buck Road; $140,000.

Patricia Stoffer to Robert and Michele Utley, home and 2 acres on Rochester Road; $136,000.

3458 Enterprises to Yoder Dairy Farms, 17 acres on Center Road; $97,500.

Liverpool Township

Gary and Joyce Weekley to Nancy Bosco-Joseph, home on Rhovanion Drive; $297,500.

Morgan Jones and Mark Cooper to Chaffin Edison T IV, home on Center Road; $145,000.

Madison Township

Dominque and Jason Hayes to William and Alisa Tarnovich, home on McCormick Run Road; $58,000.

Middleton Township

Mary Mitchell to Donald Snedeker Jr., manufactured home and property on Union Ridge Road; $21,200.

Perry Township

Charleen and Anthony Petrucci Jr. to John and Michelle Matthews, home on East 11th Street; $187,500.


Eugene and Norma Schrock to Joshua and Michelle Kosko, home on Liberty Street; $37,500.

Heidi Hostetter to Village Capital & Investment, home on North Madison Avenue; $46,000.

Charles and Rebecca Smith to Abby Vanhorn, home on West 10th Street; $95,500.

Judith Herbick to Tiffany Gallo, home on Orchard Bend Road; $178,000.

Robert Zeck and K. Sue Moore to Ashley Rudloff, home on Mound Street; $20,000.

St. Clair Township

Paul and Terri Ferry to Terry and Deborah McCartney, condominium on Eagle Drive; $224,000.

Robert Bowyer and James Scott to Robert and Lois Bowyer, home on Moore Road; $40,000.

Marjorie Goddard to Robert Beresford, home Swickard Drive; $42,950.


Lynn Parr to Mike and Crystal Smith, property on 15th Street; $8,000.

West Township

Dean and Suse Barrick to Joseph and Jeanette Haas, 11 acres on Augusta Road; $55,000.

Unity Township

Impact Home Renovations to Terry Melott Jr., home at 35 Wilderson Ave.; $10,000.

James and Brandy Kent to Jose and Pamela Martinez, 16 acres on Padgett Road; $58,000.

Robert and Beverly Batchelor to Nicholaus and Lindsay Kuzemchak, home and 1.8 acres on Bye Road; $160,000.


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