Goshen trustees approve emergency services contract

GOSHEN TWP. — After extending their contract with the Damascus fire department for an extra month, township trustees on Monday approved a contract for emergency services with the department for 2019.

The trustees approved a contract through Dec. 31 with the Damascus Fire Department Inc. for fire and EMS services. The contract is for the amount generated by the township’s fire levy, which is approximately $120,000 this year.

Trustees extended the 2018 contract in December to allow time for questions and wording to be finalized. The changes from the previous contract include documentation of runs and establishing those responsible for attending trustees meetings when Fire Chief Derek Day cannot attend to report on the month’s activities.

Also at the meeting, Day reported that a hazardous material situation in Damascus has been cleared by the Environmental Protection Agency after the fire department cleaned it up. He said the substance in the creek appeared to be diesel fuel and that if it returns, the department will have to determine the source.

Day also said his department is looking at creating a committee to generate more members. The volunteer department currently has 21 members and has run 70 calls so far this year, he said.