Columbiana to preserve time in a bottle

COLUMBIANA — A new time capsule is planned for placement this spring by the Columbiana Area Chamber of Commerce, and the community is encouraged to place items or pictures inside.

A $10 donation is requested for the placement of items or pictures, but the public can also place an information card inside the capsule for free.

The time capsule will be buried on May 4 during Springtime in Columbiana in the Main Street Common, also known as the Pocket Park, along South Main Street and will be opened in 25 years.

Chamber Executive Director April Brinker said the idea for a time capsule came about during a recent community event held at the Main Street Theater that was spearheaded by the chamber’s Columbiana First Committee and funded by the city’s Tourism Bureau.

The Columbiana First Committee organizes Springtime in Columbiana, Christmas in Columbiana and the First Friday events each year.

The “Journey to Today” project presented a visual tour of the Main Street businesses to see how the businesses have changed over the years, and dated back to the city’s earliest times.

Brinker said the video was made by Josh Menning of Columbiana, who produced “Unwavering,” and “Highway of Hope” about the heroin epidemic.

Brinker said that while looking into the idea for a time capsule, the First Committee discovered another time capsule that was sealed in 1955 located in the Historical Society Museum. The capsule was on display at the high school for many years before being taken to the museum.

The large aluminum globe is mounted on a wooden standard and is set to be opened 100 years from now in 2055.

The new time capsule won’t be sealed for as long, giving members of the existing community a chance to see what is placed inside today.

“Columbiana is in a time of growth and change and we are excited to bury this now during that change and take a look at it in 25 years to see where we are,” Brinker said. “Hopefully we will bring a lot of positive change into our city.”

The “Journey to Today” event a few weeks ago also unveiled a project that Columbiana First Committee Chair Ginny Perkins was working on, and that was a digital photo frame that also displays the history of each businesses’ building from the start of the city until now.

The digital frame is housed in Perkins’ store, Park Avenue Marketplace, which she operates with her husband David.

Other businesses were also interested in acquiring posters similar to the digital display to feature in their own stores. Funding for the frame project was provided through a grant from the Community Foundation.

“The businesses we brought into it have been very excited about it. They say they are getting customer response to it. It engages the customers in conversation. People are pleased,” she said.

She went on to say that he is excited that the efforts among business owners and organizations is birthing other ideas and events around town.

“We are excited about that. Everybody can participate,” she said of the time capsule project.

Anyone interested in completing an information card for the capsule or placing pictures or items should contact the chamber office at 330-482-3822 or by email at

All cards and items must be submitted to the chamber by April 1.