Real Estate

Butler Township

Jeff and Karen Biery to Craig and Barri Vavrock, home and 5.6 acres on Misty Morning Lane; $355,000.

East Liverpool

Robert and Joyce Berdine to Mike and Lisa Shontz, home on Lisbon Street; $130,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Eric Pearson, home at 854 St. George St.; $13,300.

Robert and Marcella Bloor to Troy Chisom and Nicole Taylor, home on Vine Street; $20,000.

Raymond and James Sullivan to Joan, Craig and Gregg Stowers, home on May Street; $15,000.

Sean Flaherty to Ed Lilly, home and 1.6 acres on Trentvale Street; $24,500.

Janet Martin to James Kelly, home on Anderson Boulevard; $60,000.

Mike and Dominic Volino to Mike and Debra Volino, office building at 225 W. Sixth St.; $16,000.

East Palestine

Mary Borelli to Ralph and Sara Borelli, partial interest in home on Martin Street; gift.

Marietta Tomchik to Cheryl Thompson, home on Howell Road; $80,000.

James and Barbara McGinnis to Forrest and Rita Foeks, home on Prospect Street; $70,000.

Center Township

Doug Falk to William Croskey II, home on Bluff Avenue; $64,913.

Ronald and Mary May to Halverstadt Properties, office plaza on state Route 45 (Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, etc); $300,000.


Carol Scott to Cynthia Roessler, home on Metz; $125,000.

Elkrun Township

Veronica Koch and Treva Reynolds to Jason Nesselrote and Joan Creel, home and 4 acres on state Route 45; $70,000.

Fairfield Township

Brent Graeser to Mike Coburn, home and 4 acres on state Route 164; $259,000.


Arthur Furey to Bayview Loan Services, home on Lincoln Street; $20,000.

Hanover Township

Hanoverton DOHP XI to Lawrence Leonard, et al, commercial property (Dollar General store) on U.S. Route 30; $1.18 million.

Christian Barth, et al, to Christian Barth and Lori Douglas, home on Lakeview Road; $3,000.

Knox Township

Dorothy Hahn to Vickie Hume, home on Georgetown Road; $80,000.


Robert Rosnick to Raymond Cerni Jr., duplex on Elm Street; $141,000.


Marian Tucker to Renee Cantrell and Christopher Weeda, home on East Pine Street; $116,000.

Jeff Davis (foreclosure) to Vernon and Lynette Rhodes, home on West Lincoln Way; $32,600.

Sam McCullough and Matt Tuttle to Sam McCullough, home on Maple Street; $34,400.

Liverpool Township

Martin and Constance Yeany to Randall Brown, home on Lighthouse Court; $200,000.

Robert Galloway Jr. to Eric and Rebecca Bailey, home on Hollywood Avenue; $40,000.

James and Rochelle Herring to Shannon Brooks, home on Monticello Place; $154,000.

Middleton Township

Equity Trust to Kaleb Baker, 15 acres on Riffle Road; $78,749.

Tammy Ramage estate to Brent See, home on Dyke Road; $25,000.

Burrell and Rhonda Reeder to Patrick and Kathryn Boggs, home on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $125,000.

New Waterford

Kevin Chiu to Benjamin Kistler, home and 4.9 acres on state Route 46; $145,000.

Perry Township

Joseph and Amy Farago to Tracy Shepard, condominium on Somerset Drive; $105,000.

Louise Wiggers to Luz Leija, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $169,000.

Jesse and Michelle Hostetler to Lowell Horst, home on Cunningham Road; $150,000.


John Adams to McDaniel Envelope Co., commercial property Oak Street; $21,000.

Huntington National Bank to Floyd Redmond and Jamie Vernaccini, home at 605 E. Eighth St.; $41,000.

Mideast Tool Holding to SDM Enterprises, commercial property on Salem Parkway: $210,000.

Dixie Young to Empire Property Management, duplex on Aetna Street; $45,000.

Bricker Land LLC to David Clementson, 0.3 acre on Bricker Farm Lane; $25,000.

Bricker Land LLC to Katherine Oesch, 0.4 acre on Bricker Farm Lane; $25,000.

Karen and Robert Coffee Jr. to Debra Skokut, home on Homewood Avenue; $119.900.

Henry and Florence Spack to Wilson Street LLC, home on Wilson Street; $26,000.

Mary Sweeney to Dale and Tammy Menning, commercial property on West State (Shear’s Car Wash/Laundromat); $120,000.

Salem Township

Brian and Nolita Horst to Steven Peddicord, et al, home on St. Jacob-Logtown Road; $159,000.


Robert Weber estate to Rick and Ricky, home on Summitville Road; $11,500.

St. Clair Township

Erica Bailey to George and Nancy Lafferre, home on Old Fredericktown Road; $90,000.

Terry Walker to U.S. Bank Trust, home on Stagecoach Road; $99,961.

Jason Rohr to John and Kimberly Milhoan, home on Y & O Road; $20,000.

Stonebrooke Developer to Joshua Jackson, home on Adkins Drive; $165,000.

R. Gail Jones to Mike Pusateri Excavating, home on Crestview Place; $125,000.

Venture Home Real Estate to Tom and Beverly Brophey, condominium on Eagle Drive; $176,000.

Unity Township

William and Tammy Fazzolare to Abbey and Adam Harvey, home on Bye Road; $137,500.

Washington Township

Joseph Dickson to Andrew and Jason Hostetler, 38 acres and pole building on Malone Road; $90,000.


Mildred Rogers to Ryan Talbott, home on Maple; $29,700.

Franklin Jackson to Albert Niementz, home on Lisbon Street; $5,600.

Amber Short to Tyrone Davis, home on Commerce; $1,500.

West Township

Leaning Acres Ranch to Daniel and Amber Thiel, home at 24986 state Route 172; $150,000.