Mirror Lake dredging may have to wait until the fall

COLUMBIANA — The Mirror Lake project is moving forward, although dredging of the lake may not happen until this fall, the Columbiana Restoration and Beautification Committee told council this week.

Mirror Lake is located within the Harvey S. Firestone Park and the project will improve the landscaping around the lake and create a new David A. Tingle memorial garden, as well as new seating.

Committee Chairperson Pat Tingle said one bid came in for the lake dredging and it is being considered with input from Herbert, Rowland and Grubic Inc., the engineering firm in charge of design.

The bid will also be presented to City Manager Lance Willard Park Board Chairman Dr. Ron Detwiler.

Tingle also said that bids for the landscaping portion of the project are expected to come in on Aug. 3, and that two interested bidders are John Hippley and Extreme Landscaping.

“One of the challenges is that the dredging bid said he could not do the dredging until late fall, early winter,” Tingle said.

She added that HRG has said it would be possible for the landscaping portion of the project to proceed ahead of the dredging.

“They would just have to have an agreement with the dredging company, where their access would be and if they were to disturb anything they will have to make it right,” she said.

Detwiler estimated that dredging would take a few weeks and noted that whatever is taken from the lake will be hauled away immediately.

“It’s exciting to see things get started,” he added.

He was especially pleased with how everything went on July 6 for the Firestone family visit, saying it was a fine example of everyone working together to get things accomplished.

Tingle said the committee will be sending out fund raising letters to the community soon.

In other matters, board member Nancy Tirpak asked if the committee has heard any update on the playground at pavilion no. 3.

Committee member Vaughn Musser said it was supposed to be installed by the end of the year and that is all they know at this point.

“Due to the handicap accessibility it looks like they have proposed to move the entrance from the south side,” Musser said.


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