13-year-old girl admits posting UHS threat

HANOVERTON — A 13-year-old United Local student reportedly confessed to making Friday’s school threat and was taken to the Louis Tobin Attention Center on Monday.

County Sheriff Ray Stone said Detective Steve Walker from his office returned to the school on Monday and investigated the social media threat from Friday further.

According to Stone, the girl’s father was called to the school and was there in the room when the girl spoke to Walker and confessed to making the threat.

Stone said charging the girl in juvenile court may help send a message to others considering doing something similar.

“We’re not going to tolerate such acts,” Stone said adding a third of the students at United missed school on Friday, many probably because they or their parents were concerned about the threat.

Stone noted making threats of violence at schools only adds to the mental stress of students and parents. With the recent school shootings in Florida, people involved with all schools are more on edge than usual about threats being made.

On Friday, it was a message found on Facebook which read “UHS is the school I want I will not be telling people what my name is but i will bring a gun to school Tomorrow so be prepared to hear shots.”

The school reacted by bringing deputies to the school, searching backpacks of everyone entering the building and having a deputy remain to patrol the school throughout the day. No weapons were found.

The threat at United was very similar to a threat posted several days earlier alarming Salem students and parents. Additionally, Beaver Local had an unsubstantiated rumor of a student with a weapon on Friday.