Crestview considers building options

NEW WATERFORD — Knowing they are eligible for money through the Ohio Schools Facility Commission in 2019, Crestview schools are applying to see if the money can be obtained a bit earlier.

The Crestview school board met last week to look over information provided by the state after the schools were examined regarding future projects. Then the board looked over an application for emergency funding. If the lengthy application is accepted, the school could receive funding as early as July 2018.

Manley said the board knows they have options, but once they know the details about how much and when the money will be available they will be sharing the possibilities for the project with the community. The decision on the emergency funding application is not expected to be known until around Christmas, Manley said.

There was no action taken during the executive session, according to Manley. Decisions will be made after the results of the emergency funding application are known.

Crestview expanded this year by adding two modular studios outside the elementary and by adding additional preschool classrooms inside the school. The board has discussed at previous meetings the possibility of having OSFC projects to expand the buildings, add classrooms and then go with community partners to create a possible community center.

The board also hired Risinger and Associates, a development company which has experience in helping schools create the projects they want through the OSFC and other funding mechanisms. Part of the contract with Risinger included assistance with applications for funding on the school’s behalf and searching for community partners for the parts of the project that cannot be funded by the OSFC.

The next regular meeting of the board is 7 p.m. Wednesday.