Butler Township

Lee E. and Jacquelyn Hawkins to Gregory and Beth Keoppel, home on Georgetown Road; $215,000

Center Township

Matthew Crawford to Mark Crawford et al, home on St. Jacob Logtown Road; $33,000

Matthew Crawford to Curtis and Cherrilyn Crawford, home and 75 acres of agricultural land on St. Jacob Logtown Road; $150,000


Wise Family Revocable Trust to Cheryl L. Dore, home on Terra Verde Avenue; $350,000

Douglas H. and Lori M. Motry to Nicole L. and Ryan P. Rossi, home on Metz Road; $270,000

Christopher L. Bower to Joseph G. Davidson and Tracey L. Bartholow, two-family home on Blueberry Drive; $140,000

Michael Broderick to Douglas H. Motry and Lori Maglione, home on North Main Street; $170,000

Joe Koch Construction Inc to Robert W. Shimer and Ann L. Cloutier, .456 acres on Elm Street; $403,043

East Liverpool

Edward T. Allison to Delbert Jackson Grimm III, home on Cora Street; $71,900

Tom J. Prentice to Marcus Wise, home on Globe Street; $5,000

Jerry W. and Carolyn M. Adams to CE-109 East Fifth, LP, retail structures on Fifth Street (CJ’s Used Furniture); $45,000

East Palestine

Larry J. McElhaney to Mary Nell Houghton, home on West Street; $49,000

Skynzep LLC to Alan L. and Lois M. Miller, 26 acres on Pleasant Drive and Arter Avenue; $91,000

Elkrun Township

Kyle M. Pratt to Timothy Dugan, home and other residential structures on Middle Beaver Road; $150,000

Fairfield Township

Michael E Mancuso to Raymond Paul Yeager, 2 acres on Fairfield School Road; $15,000

Knox Township

Debra L. Manser to Armando and Alexis J. Mazzei Jr., home on Lake Street; $15,000

Leona M. Stoller to Thomas and Margaret Stoffer, home and other residential structures on Point Drive; $18,000

Joyce A. and David J. Robinson to Rebecca Lynn Paulos, home on North Shore Drive; $185,000


Earl A. and Donna J. Yeager to Renee Nicole Guy, home and other residential structures on Lisbon Street; $110,000

Liverpool Township

Cynthia Lee Wilson to Wilson J. Smith, residential structures on Seventh Avenue; $13,000

Madison Township

Diana L. Smith to Brandi Kaufman, 4.4 acres on Lundy Avenue; $28,4000

New Waterford

Keith J and Linda Conkle to Bryant D and Brooke Boyd, home and parking garage on Main Street; $70,000

Perry Township

Gary A. and Julie A. Moore to Corey and Debbie Ketchum, 4 acres on Pine Lake Road; $37,500


Pramita Systems LLC to C&C Rental Investments LLC, apartment complex on Vine Street; $475,000

Diana Constance Phillips to Jeremy R. Beachler, home on Westview Drive; $179,230

Charles A. and Debra J. Palmer to Ernest L. and Sara Nicholson IV, home on West Sixteenth Street; $255,900

Aimee and Gerald Hetrick to Unicenter LLC, home on Lundy Avenue; $35,000

Risa Jan Smith to Scott Thomas, home on Homewood Avenue; $150,000

Michelle G. Zornick to Ruby Land LLC, home on Woodland Avenue; $62,141

Ted L. and Judy K. Potts to Henry Spell Jr., home on West Fourteenth Street; $191,000


Misty D. Higgins to Thomas E. Ketchum, home on Academy Street; $12,500

Todd E. Puch to Heath and Ciara LEggett, home on Walnut Ridge Road; $182,450

St. Clair Township

Randy Jarrett to Larry E and Carol J Esterline, .28 acres on Cannons Mills Road; $11,000

Jeffrey P. and Cathy R. Diddle to Jason R. and Kaitlynn E. Plumm, home on Puriton Avenue; $155,000

James Graneto to Mark M. and Rebecca J. Frederick, retail structure on Purinton Avenue; $40,000

Unity Township

Jared and Kimberly Britt to Jason R. and Taylor M. Haseley, home on Linda Way; $285,000

Colleen E. Sebastian to Marcy Jo and Daniel A. Ford, 18 acres on Adams Road; $70,000

Yellow Creek Township

William R. Blake to Robert Palmer, mobile home on Tenth Street Extension; $112,000

Joyce Johnson to Lakota Grimes, home on Sixteen School Road; $129,900


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