Butler Township

Stephanie Walton to Michael and Laura Malone, home on Whinnery Road; $255,000

Center Township

Saretta J. Hofer to Dustin Blair, home on state Route 45; $115,000

Richard and Lauren Higgins to William and Katherine Donato, home on Freeman Road; $225,000

Nancy R. Harris to Shane M. Wellington, home and 29 acres on Mattix Road; $350,000


Samantha and Anthony J. Nappo to Randy Lewis, home on Aberdeen Court; $58,000

Jefferson B. Smith to MGA Investments LLC, duplex on South Main Street; $38,000

Eric and Jennifer Locker to Christopher Humphrey, home on Blueberry Drive; $162,000

East Liverpool

Donald and Amy Maltarich to Julia K. Chuey, home on Fisher Avenue; $137,000

Mondello Investment Group LLC to Brian P. Moore, home on John Street; $60,000

James and Kristine Buckley to Michael and Jody Campbell, home on Manor Lane; $155,000

East Palestine

Harold and Brenda Miller to Sierra K. Fitch, home on Pine Tree Circle; $129,900

Eric and Leigh Ann Jones to Mark and Tammy Lambright, land on Vine Street; $4,000

Marcie Louis and Michele L. Elliott to Bryan F. McNalley, home on Claybrook Drive; $170,000

Katherine Yoder to Beverly Horsley, home on Market Street; $68,300

Elkrun Township

William L. Catlett to Adam Little, home and 5.3 acres on state Route 45; $295,000

Fairfield Township

Denise A. Polta to Nick and Linda Demaria, home and 7.6 acres on Metz Road; $100,000

Linda S. Russell to Patricia Ervin, home on Applesway Road; $192,000

Paul Falkner to Earl and Donna Yeager, home on Lower Elkton Road; $140,800


Emily J. Cope to Robert S. Tuel, home on Lisbon Street; $56,000

Hanover Township

Richard W. Dickey to Diane Oen, mobile home on Wooddale Drive; $62,000

Leah M. Klusch to Eric Reynolds, mobile home on Wisner Road; $41,000

Knox Township

Justin Yoder to Jeffrey M. Gibb, home on Homeworth Road; $170,000

Charles and Ronald Blake to Calemence and Peggy J. Yoder, home on Twelfth Street; $155,100


Joseph Perry et al. to Joseph Perry et al., home on Pine Street; $10,600

Michael E. Mancuso to Marcia G. Keeler, home on Walnut Street; $6,000

Madison Township

Harley S. and Jonas Miller to Irene and Raymond Yoder, 31 acres on state Route 11 and 92 acres on Ashton Road; $430,000

Richard H. Steck Jr. to Tyler R. Green, home on state Route 45; $174,000

Vicky L. Phillips to Christian C. Reiss, home on state Route 45; $40,000

Perry Township

Terry L. Briceland to Ricky and Luann Lippiatt, building on West State Street; $98,000


TMD Rental Properties LLC to Joshua and Karen Flores, duplex on East Sixth Street; $120,000

Sharon Walker to Rance P. Perrino, home on Maple Street; $50,000

Sandra J. Carrion to Casey Dewitt and Destiny Carter, home on East Pershing Street; $76,000

Laura B. McCoy to Shelly Morckel, home on East Fourth Street; $90,000

Gary and Sharon Morrison to Struthers Subway LLC, home on Cleveland Street; $43,960

Thomas and Virginia Panek to Aubrey Salvino, home on Arch Street; $28,500

ZN Homes Inc. to William and Vickie Nelson, home on Edgewood Drive; $293,500

First National Acceptance Co. to Walter R. Snead Jr., home on East Third Street; $50,000

Salem Township

Priscilla Hostetler to Chad Shaum, home on state Route 558; $85,000


Scotina R. Beadnell to Jesse and Amy Ketchum, mobile home on West Street; $20,000

St. Clair Township

David W. Trotter to Kenneth and Martha Vincent, home on Longs Church Road; $179,000


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