Butler Township

David J. Bell and Mary Ann Jackson to David J. Bell, home on Georgetown Road; $92,200

John and Christine Kurtz to Mary Jane and Garth M. Egli Jr., 19 acres on Georgetown Road; $85,825

Center Township

Jabo Properties LLC to Center Commerce Development LLC, auto repair shop on state Route 45; $225,000


Ruth E. Rummel to Matthew and Victoria Rhodes, home on West Friend Street; $135,000

Norman E. Keith Jr. to James McGee, mobile home on Quincy Avenue; $25,000

Thomas and Em Patterson to Thomas L. Patterson II, home on North Middle Street; $38,500

Vicki L. Hopper to Jessica K. Tice, home on East Friend Street; $106,000

East Liverpool

Jonathan and Krysta Dariyanani to Joshua and Jordan Hissom, home on Elysian Way; $330,000

East Palestine

Jeffrey Rupert to Karen and Russell Elliott, home on Clark Street; $98,000

Lori Yuhaniak to Seanna Shipley, home on Grant Street; $142,500

Elkrun Township

Herbert and Sandra Chuck to Whitney and Jordan Mihalik, home and land on Stookesberry Road; $39,900

Fairfield Township

William and Jamie Long to Benjamin R. Dickey, mobile home on Roberts Road; $10,000

Franklin Township

Rodney and Melinda Mayle to Kevin Sturgeon, 17 acres on Meister Road; $120,000

Joseph A. Mountz to Daniel Delp, land on Bethesda Road; $20,000

Hanover Township

Eagle View Family Farms LLC to Gregary and Charleen Coffee, home and five acres on Randel Road; $90,000

D $ L LLC to Scott C. and Kimberly K. Wilson, land on Westward Way; $24,000

Randall and Ruth Baker to Janet and John Burns, mobile home on Wooddale Drive; $255,200


Alan and Crystal Ogden to Jordan Rhoads, mobile home on Sleepy Hollow Drive; $73,000

Michael and Kristina Smith to Travis and Robert Trummer, retail store on Main Street; $30,000

Liverpool Township

Robert and Kimberly Gadd to Marcus and Deanne Tigner, home on Harding Avenue; $290,000

Middleton Township

Eric and Jennifer Shafer to Edward and Nancy Fox, home on Tomahawk Drive; $283,000

Leland and Deetta Gruber to Richard J. Woodburn, land on Chippewa Trail; $5,300

Perry Township

Maps Real Estate LTD to Amanda A. Blosser, home on Pine Lake Road; $146,400

James P. Simpson to Amber J. Smith and Deborah J. Goodman, home on Plymouth Place; $135,000


Roberta M. and Gwen R. Allen to Ellen and Dwayne Foor, home on Franklin Avenue; $62,000

Jennifer J. Hood to David Baer, home on Pearce Street; $645,000

Ivan B. Turner to Brandy Phillips, home on Granite Street; $75,000

Jacqueline K. Taylor to Rosemary Julian, home on Fairview Avenue; $130,000

814 Arch Street LLC to Christopher Hamilton, home on Arch Street; $83,800

Robert L. Capel to MTA Property Holdings LLC, building on South Ellsworth Avenue; $19,690

Salem Township

Diane R. Hoschar to Boston Storage LLC, home on Main Street; $50,000

Gregory S. Dennison to Carl D. Cranston, home on McCracken Road; $120,000

St. Clair Township

Benjamin and Melanie Woods to Robert K. Hill, home on Cannons Mills Road; $136,000

Gladys Stoddard to Seth and Breanna Railing, home no East Liverpool Road; $150,000

Wayne L. Hickman Sr. to Mary Smith and David W. Mayers Jr., home on Old Fredericktown Road; $152,500

Robert and Sandra Johnson to Rhonda and Kevin Wain, home on Amarillo Avenue; $355,000

West Township

Leaning Acres Ranch LLC to Eugene L. Prendergast Jr., home and 80 acres on Knox School Road; $847,000

Leaning Acres Ranch LLC to Daniel and Amber Thiel, land on Knox School Road and state Route 172; $3,410

Yellow Creek Township

Roger and Thomas Minor to Minor Supply LLC, retail store on Fourth Street; $31,100


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