Butler Township

Derek Freeland to Jenna E. Marteney, home on Carey Road; $160,000

John and Susan C. Strudthoff to Kelley Reeser, home on Carey Road; $277,000

Carol McDonald to Carol M. McDonald, home on Whinnery Road; $110,000

Cheryl and Arthur D. Bisner III to John and Veronica O’Neil, home on Buck Road; $230,000

John and Christine Kurtz to Peter Fountain, golf course on Georgetown Road; $26,664

Sevakeen Country Club to Sevakeen County Club, home on Ridge Road; $147,500

Center Township

Jennifer Klingaman to Nathan and Elisabeth Gray, mobile home on Trinity Church Road; $30,000


Charles H. Cathart to Anil Suri, home on Park Avenue; $195,000

Russell J. Cannon to Jaclyn D. Edelstein, home on Seventh Street; $130,000

Carolyn and William L. Nezbeth Jr. to Ryan F. Brownlie, home on North Pearl Street; $118,500

Judith Neiser to Mary E. DeLuco, home on Cherokee Lane; $252,000

Firestone Homestead LLC to John and Kristen Barkey, land on Homestead; $62,000

East Liverpool

Gregory B. Post to Heather Potts, home on Center Street; $26,500

Dresden Family Group LLC to FRX Real Estate Holding Company of Ohio, commercial structure on Dresden Avenue; $130,000

2000 Harvey LLC to FRX Real Estate Holding Company of Ohio, manufacturing plant on Harvey Avenue; $425,000

Andrew J. Bowell Jr. to RAA Data Services Inc, land on Francis Street; $5,000

Kris A. Parsons to Cody A. Parsons, home on Fisher Avenue; $45,000

Maxi’s Lunch Box LLC to 1812 Harvey Limited, restaurant on Harvey Avenue (Maxi’s Lunch Box); $46,000

Edward M. Stasik Jr. to Andrew Owens Jr., home on Elm Street; $10,000

James M. Walker to Raymur and Tacy Sicklesmith, home on Burrows Avenue; $70,000

East Palestine

Jeannette Figley to Jeffrey Hahn, home on Park Avenue; $36,000

Elkrun Township

Rickie A. McKinnon to Robert and Elsie Smith, home on state Route 45; $36,000

Knox Township

Julie L. Common to Gregory and Jessica Scullion, home on Abbey Lane; $299,000

Shelley and Mitchell Griffiths to Randall and Tabatha Mason, home on Georgetown Damascus Road; $350,000

George E. Sheen to Theresa and Steven Shaver, home on Center Road; $175,000

Jeffrey and Tammy Butcher to Aliza H. and Jeffrey Butcher Jr., home and 6.2 acres on state Route 62; $250,000

Fairfield Township

Jeffrey P. Medure to Joshua P. Andrews, mobile home on Miller Road; $91,000

Carol A. Mercure to Bradley G. and Courtney Cuppett, 16.1 acres on Signal Road; $120,585


Donald Ray and Kurt Baker to Raema L. Gori, home on Oak Street; $59,000

Hanover Township

Norma Jean Hendricks to Kyle and Mary Duke, home on state Route 9; $32,454


Barbara L. Bierwirth to Linda L. and Judith Foreman, home on West Pine Street; $17,200

Wayte DaVill to Eva Davis, home on West Lincoln Way; $300,000

Robert and Monica Crawford to Robert Stansbury, home on West Chestnut Street; $70,000

Carolyn Hammitt to Kimpres Real Estate LLC, home on East Chestnut Street; $62,000

Phyllis and Floyd W. Webber Jr. to John Janczewski, duplex on state Route 517; $200,000

Madison Township

Vicki Blosser and Leonda Bryer to Douglas and Tori Jackson, home on Yeager Drive; $169,900

Middleton Township

James and Anna Kukunas to Steve and Libby Michalik, home on Tomahawk Drive; $356,000

Perry Township

Matthew and Mitchell Soules to Patricia Soules, home on Elberon Avenue; $120,000

Beatrice M. Miracle to James and Ginger McGuire, home on Dayton Avenue; $225,000

Interior Construction Specialist to Tyler Chestnut, home on state Route 9; $199,000

Daniel W. Heath to Rodney L. Davis, home on Goshen Road; $139,900


Richard L. Bailey to Joseph Marconi, home on Aetna Street; $1,500

Richard and Amie Cochran to Brandooke LTD, office building on East State Street; $200,000

Richard L. Kesseg to McKayla Adkins, home on Jennings Avenue; $145,000

Union Properties LLC to Michael and Dawn Paulini, home on Hickory Lane; $257,000


Nancy L. Brown to Robert Malone, land on Salineville Road; $6,900

St. Clair Township

James P. Ventura to Jennifer K. Boyd, land on state Route 267; $30,000

Vince D. Monte to Jack and Beth Dunn, land on Oak Street; $28,000

Janet and Richard L. Mathias to Nathanial and Amanda Jones, home on Longs Church Road; $165,000

Darin Porter to Daniel Leeper, home on Bell School Road; $289,000

Dreama K. Rambo to Raymond and Dianna Stidfole, land on Cannons Mills Road; $33,000

Unity Township

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to James Luke, home on Timber Run Street; $170,000

Mary A. Rich to Raymond Staud, home on Market Street; $344,700


James J. Hurst to Laura and Travis Trummer, home on Union Street; $5,000

Wayne Township

Shawn and Julie Talbott to Michael and Sara Harris, home on Steubenville Pike Road; $185,000

Yellow Creek Township

Joseph LaScola to Mark and Marsha Eisenhart, home on Maple Avenue; $7,360

Eric Smith Properties LLC to TM Estates LLC, duplex on Maple Avenue; $28,000

Danielle L. Hoyt to Nellie J. Madden, home on Clark Avenue; $48,000

Jordan Sloan to Clinton and Christine Hughes, home on Chester Avenue; $10,000

James W. Crews to John and Darla Henderson, home on Henry Avenue; $22,500

Mark Taggart and Jolene Rice to Eagle Eye Property LLC, home on Center Street; $25,000

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Magnate Holdings LLC, home on Chester Avenue; $19,500


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