Butler Township

Thomas and Shelley Cingcade to Benjamin and Kara Sturgeon, home on Carey Road; $233,000


Firestone Homestead LLC to Selah Homes Ohio LLC, land on Homestead; $62,000

Lisa and Barry A. Miner to Myrna J. Dyke, home on Allen Avenue; $124,300

East Liverpool

Terry and Sheila Hoffman to Samantha Spahr and Corey J. Brown, home on Orchard Grove Avenue; $90,000

Alexander and Leigh Ann Todd to Joy M. Bock, home on Park Boulevard; $100,000

Sarah L. Wilson to City of East Liverpool Community Improvement, home on West Third Street; $7,500

Elkrun Township

Marcy and Michael Dellinger to Veronica Kitzmiller, home on state Route 154; $185,000

Fairfield Township

Alexis and Anthony Ours to Rosemarie and Gary Maiorana, home on Edward Circle; $165,000

Hanover Township

Robert and Judy Whitehead to Michael P. Vivo, mobile home on Camp Boulevard; $115,000

Hobart Erb to Channing and Maggie Hank, home and 2.1 acres on state Route 644; $47,700

Liverpool Township

John and Marian Lockhart to Michael and Megan Rosati, home on Lighthouse Court; $406,000

Madison Township

Megan Rosati to Joshua Leist, home and 2.3 acres on state Route 45; $275,000

Middleton Township

David M. Dee to Thomas and Paula Burford, home on Navajo Trail; $225,000

Robert and Alysia Bires to Chad and Paige Nestor, land on Chippewa Trail; $500

New Waterford

Robert and Sandra Walgate to John and Marian Lockhart, home on Allen Avenue; $165,000

Perry Township

Mary F. Lasko to Julie Crawford, mobile home on Pemberooke Drive; $68,000


Pelican Park Plaza Inc. to BL2 LLC, neighborhood shopping plaza on East State Street; $3,175,000

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Jose M. Alferez, home on Fifth Street; $39,500

Richard Finch and John Welch, home on South Avenue; $79,000

St. Clair Township

Carl D. Gillespie to Samuel L. Bruce, home on Stuart Road; $75,000

Patricia and James Delposen to Cole T. Delposen, four acres on Calcutta Smithferry Road; $14,100

Connie Delo to Jodi Sullivan, home on Cricket Lane; $115,000

Unity Township

David and Skye Tancer to Michael and Nicole Stevenson, home and land on state Route 165; $430,000

Washington Township

Barbara Bates to Ashley May, home on Walnut Ridge Road; $69,000

Jessica Hersman to Rodney Palmer, home on Salineville; $24,400

Yellow Creek Township

Shawn Sanders and Emily S. Webb to Phyllis Jackson, home on Bill Smith Road; $51,000


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