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Anthony W. Cross Jr., Salem, vs. Jessica Cross, East Liverpool, divorce sought.

Docket Entries

Amy L. Wilson, et al., vs. David W. Shroades, case settled and dismissed.

Robert Bailey vs. Erica Atkins-Holshue, divorce granted.

County Treasurer vs. Jeremiah M. Snode, et al., foreclosure ordered for property on Homeworth Road, Homeworth.


LISBON — A June 24 pretrial was set in County Municipal Court for Anthony R. Kelly, 32, South Main Street, Columbiana, charged with assault and aggravated menacing. Kelly allegedly threatened to shoot someone in the head with a pellet gun, which was in the house, on Monday, as well as, actually striking someone with a vehicle. Kelly’s bond is set at $15,000 cash or surety and he is ordered to have no further contact with Stanley Butler. Kelley reportedly told police he was upset about the amount of noise the business the person works for was making.

A June 24 pretrial was set for Justin C. Davis, 36, West Pine Lake Road, Salem, charged with aggravated menacing. On Tuesday, Davis allegedly made Joey-Lynn Wells Corfee believe he would cause her serious physical harm by pointing a 9-millimeter gun at her and threatening to “put one in her head.” Davis’ bond is set at $15,000 cash or surety.

A Sept. 7 pretrial was set for James R. York, 75, Youngstown, cited with soliciting and possession of criminal tools for allegedly using his flip phone to request sexual activity for $50 with a female escort, who was actually an undercover officer.

Nikki D. Gibbs, 41, Victor Street, Salineville, was fined $1,305, had her license suspended for a year, required to attend a three-day counseling program and ordered 40 hours community service for OVI first offense, failure to control, driving under suspension and a seat belt violation.

A Sept. 2 pretrial was set for Richard N. Gregory, 57, Taylor Avenue, New Waterford, cited with OVI first offense.

Donna L. Willard, 66, South 12th Street, Beloit, was fined $925, had her license suspended for 180 days, required a three-day intervention class and ordered 20 hours community service for failure to control and physical control amended from OVI first offense.

Arthur L. Carman III, 27, Bayard Road, Minerva, was fined $500, credited with nine days in jail and required 40 hours community service for domestic violence for choking Emmalee Markins, his live-in girlfriend, throwing her against the wall and slapping her in the face in January.

A July 8 pretrial was set for Nicholas W. Smith, 22, West Main Street, Salineville, charged with two counts of endangering children for allegedly being under the influence of a drug or alcohol while he was in charge of caring for a 1-year-old child in the home and a 4-year-old child found wandering alone along West Main Street on April 30.

Leroy E. Stewart Jr., 47, New Philadelphia, was fined $250 and credited with a day in jail for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle after he borrowed the vehicle from Julie Ross to get to work, but failed to return it at the designated time in July 2020.

An Aug. 3 pretrial was set for Robert L. Teter, 53, Sheffield Lake, charged with furnishing false info, failure to stop after an accident and failure to control. Teter is accused of striking two utility poles with a tractor trailer at the intersection of West State Street and South Ellsworth Avenue in Salem and then initially telling investigators he had not been on South Ellsworth Avenue that day and later that he had but had not struck a pole.

Sydney Paul Huffnagle, 28, Salem Grange Road, Salem, was fined $250 for no license and speeding.

Kevin S. Young, 46, Kelly Park Road, Leetonia, was fined $250, credited with a day in jail and required 20 hours community service for disorderly conduct amended from domestic violence for injuries to Natalie Noel, his live-in girlfriend in February.

James A. Stanley, 37, Windsor Drive, Alliance, was fined $250 and credited with five days in jail for disorderly conduct amended from domestic violence for shoving his father while intoxicated on June 6.

Beth A. Hale, 35, Deming Street, Salem, was fined $150 for disorderly conduct amended form obstructing official business. Hale refused to identify herself during an investigation involving a hit-skip accident in the Butech parking lot in Salem in September.

A June 24 pretrial was set for Janus J. Hinton, 42, Asbury Park, N.J., cited with falsification and disorderly conduct. Hinton reportedly was found in a yard on state Route 14 in Fairfield Township on Monday, where he was reported causing a disturbance by screaming and cursing at people, then gave police a false name of Peter Crooks.

Raymond L. Edwards, 37, Wilbert Avenue, East Liverpool, was fined $250 and credited with 15 days in jail for disorderly conduct amended from domestic violence for hitting Tasha Higgins in November

Nicole M. Pakalnis, 19, Poland, is fined $150 for disorderly conduct amended from possession of marijuana.

Savanna L. McKee, 26, Steubenville Pike, Lisbon, was fined $100 for disorderly conduct amended from drug paraphernalia for a glass pipe with burnt residue in December.

Solomon D. Cindea, was credited with 30 days in jail for criminal trespass for entering the garage of the Columbiana police department and trying to get into the booking door in August 2014. Cindea is currently incarcerated at the Lorain Correctional facility, where he appeared from by video.

An Aug. 26 pretrial was set for Michelle L. Sakmar, 49, Dayton, cited with driving under suspension.

Andrew W. Harman, 28, Lake Milton, was fined $200 for driving under suspension.

Brittany L. Neely, 26, West Oregon Avenue, Sebring, was fined $310 for driving under suspension, a seat belt violation and traffic control device.

A July 29 pretrial was set for Robert E. Chester, 50, Vine Avenue, Salem, charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing for allegedly being on the property on Debra Fuson and Amber Woodard on West Wilson Street in Salem on May 2 and yelling obscenities while challenging someone to a fight on April 9.

Mary L. Rizzo, 65, Monroe Avenue, Salem, was fined $180 for traffic control devices and reckless operation amended from OVI first offense.

EL Muni

EAST LIVERPOOL — In East Liverpool Municipal Court, a pretrial has been set July 13 for Eric W. Smith, of Laneve Lane in Wellsville, on OVI and failure to control charges.

Kimberly S. Davis, of West Sixth Street, had 20 days in jail imposed on a probation violation charge.

Lonnie Cunningham, of Lincoln Avenue, was ordered to pay $115 in restitution to the court’s probation department by Aug. 27 on assault and theft charges.

A motion hearing to terminate the probation of Benjamin R. Cunningham, of Parkway Boulevard, was overruled.

Robert A. Bailey, of LaCroft Avenue, was set July 6 on a domestic violence charge.

Kendall A. Roberts, of Oak Street, was set July 28 for a second pretrial on OVI, no operator’s license and failure to control charges.

Eric M. Hebb, of West Sixth Street, was set Thursday for a preliminary hearing for a felony domestic violence charge.

Tammy L. Logan and Lewis Logan, both of Pennsylvania Avenue, were set Monday on single counts of failure to file income tax.

Sharon H. Allison, of Midland, Pa., was set July 14 for a pretrial on a traffic signal charge.


WELLSVILLE — In Wellsville Magistrate Court, Gary Blare, of Main Street, was sentenced to $400 plus court costs on two counts of driving on a suspended license and five days in jail (suspended).

Daniel Leech, of Bridgeville, Pa., was set June 24 for pretrial on a one-way charge.


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