The Courts

Common Pleas

New Cases

Linda K. Cunningham vs. Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., appeal sought of Bureau of Worker’s Compensation claim.

Douglas L. Chevalier, East Liverpool, vs. Pamela L. Chevalier, Midland, Pa., divorce sought.

State of Pennsylvania, ex rel. Tina M. Revetta, Washington, Pa., vs. Eric C. Graham, East Liverpool, child support sought.

Docket Entries

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC vs. Dale William Gaslin Jr., et al., property on West Main Street, Washingtonville, sold to the plaintiff for $37,000.

County Treasurer vs. Taylor P. Raynes, et al., delinquent taxes and penalties paid for one parcel, which is dismissed from the complaint, foreclosure to proceed for second parcel.

Marriage Licenses

Chance William Cantwell, 22, East Liverpool, unemployed, and Amber Rae Thomas, 33, East Liverpool, unemployed.

Brandon A. Davis, 36, Salem, slicer, and Jessica A. Lloyd, 54, Salem, quality assurance technician.

Zachary Neale Greathouse, 27, East Liverpool, unemployed, and Laura Brice Beaver, 22, East Liverpool, state tested nurses aid.

Jonathan Grey Shaw, 24, Pittsburgh, Pa., registered nurse, and Sarah Abigail Miller, 22, Pittsburgh, Pa., registered nurse.

Vincent Joseph Porto, 31, East Liverpool, electrician, and Kelli Nicole Lease, 29, East Liverpool, HVAC technician.

James Clifford Shuler III, 54, East Liverpool, director of hotel operations, and Marissa Renay Wright, 31, East Liverpool, operations manager.

Richard Lee Adams Jr., 50, Beloit, machinist, and Laura Jeanne Caughey, 53, Beloit, fleet coordinator.

Maxwell Leroy Houp, 33, Columbiana, lab tech, and Freda Renee Louise Johnson, 25, Columbiana, unemployed.

Joanna Ashley Clem, 29, Salem, retail, and Lancey Paige Jeffers, 29, Salem, general laborer.

Dakota Lee Cooper, 27, East Liverpool, sub-contractor, and Heather M. Sell, 27, East Liverpool, CCMA/HR assistant.

James Edward Mayfield Jr., 50, East Liverpool, operator refinery, and Patricia Ann McCoy, 42, East Liverpool, cocktail server.

Kanne Anthony Larkins, 20, Lisbon, feed mill worker, and Jamie Michelle Mason, 20, Lisbon, customer service.

Jeremy Samuel Halverstadt, 40, Salem, engineer, and Denise Michelle Brainard, 41, Salem, registered nurse.

Court News

LISBON — Richard A. Monigold II, 41, Blossom Road, Salineville, pleaded guilty in Common Pleas Court to aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony. Sentencing is set for Aug. 13, when he faces up to a year in prison, a $2,500 fine and a five-year license suspension. On June 30, 2019, Monigold had methamphetamines.

Justina M. Desarro, 31, Akron, pleaded guilty to possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony, for alprazolam on June 9, 2020. Sentencing is set for July 9, when she faces up to a year in prison, a $2,500 fine and a five-year license suspension.

Zachary K. Humphreys, 28, Walnut Street, East Liverpool, pleaded guilty to attempted counterfeiting, a lesser-included offense fifth-degree felony to the counterfeiting charge he initially faced for alleged fraudulent behavior on March 24, 2020. Sentencing is set for Sept. 27, when he faces up to a year in prison, a $2,500 fine and a five-year license suspension.

Grand Jury

LISBON — John Albert Kearns, 41, Depot Street, Rogers, was served a secret indictment charging him with aggravated possession of drugs and forfeiture of money in a drug case. On Aug. 13, 2020, Kearns allegedly had methamphetamines and $398 in drug-related funds. The indictment was issued by the grand jury in May.

Joshua T. Boyle, 21, Foundry Hill Road, Hanoverton, was served a secret indictment charging him with aggravated possession of drugs and possession of LSD, both fifth-degree felonies, for allegedly having both LSD and methamphetamines on Sept. 1, 2020. The indictment was issued by the grand jury in April.


LISBON — In county Municipal Court, Corey Micheal Scott Evans, 19, state Route 154, Negley, was bound over to the grand jury on charges of improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, domestic violence. Evans allegedly assaulted Thomas Hughes, his brother, on May 25. Additionally, he allegedly abandoned his vehicle with the engine still on in front of his home and ran into the woods, leaving a Taurus 9-mm semi-automatic pistol tucked into the driver seat between the center seat, loaded with a live round in the chamber and 16 in the magazine. A June 28 pretrial was set for Evans, cited with speeding, a seat belt violation, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of drug abuse instrument, expired license, two counts of use of an unauthorized plate, parking on a highway, two counts of no license, no motorcycle endorsement and failure to control.

A July 29 pretrial was set for Nolan John Hall, 28, Masury, charged with possession of criminal tools, soliciting, possession of drugs and possession, marijuana paraphernalia and driving under FRA suspension. On May 21, Hall is accused of offering $100 for sexual activity with an undercover officer, whom Hall allegedly came to East Palestine to hire while he had marijuana and a device for using marijuana in the vehicle.

Andrew James Edward Birk, 25, Newgarden Avenue, Salem, was fined $925, had his license suspended for 180 days, required to attend a three-day counseling program and ordered 40 hours community service for left of center and physical control amended from OVI first offense.

An Aug. 31 pretrial was set for Joey W. Bortmas, 43, West Martin Street, East Palestine, cited with OVI first offense and traffic control device violations.

Zachariah F. Kaer, 33, Maple Street, Salem, was credited with two days in jail, sentenced to an additional 12 days in jail and fined $450 for obstructing official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct for yelling obscenities on his porch loudly, spelling an obscenity when asked to spell his name and refusing to cooperate when police were placing him into handcuffs on Saturday.

Brandon K. Sanor, 35, Malmsberry Road, Beloit, was fined $300, credited with 18 days served in jail and required 40 hours community service for assault for spitting on Shawna Blake, punching her and twisting her wrist.

Harold G. Bell Jr., 58, Grant Street, Salem, was credited with eight days served, sentenced to an additional 12 days in jail and fined $350 for domestic violence for placing his girlfriend Mary Fitch in a headlock, leaving abrasions and scratches on her neck.

A Sept. 9 pretrial was set for Joshua D. Davidson, 28, state Route 7, New Waterford, charged with domestic violence for allegedly causing his father’s nose and knee to bleed, as well as hurting his harm during a fight.

Perry Michael Tatonetti, 50, Huron, was fined $500 for driving under suspension, speeding and distracted driving.

Charges of domestic violence and aggravated menacing were dismissed against Christopher J. Wallace, 36, West Main Street, East Palestine, after the victim, Jami Derry, recanted what she told police when she testified. Derry had initially claimed Wallace struck her on the side of the head, smashed his phone into her face, punching her in the inner leg, pushed her against a clothes rack, struck her on her left ear and threatened to kill her, break her eye sockets, break her ribs and beat her until she needed plastic surgery on April 19.

David G. Gasior, North Beaver Street, Lisbon, was fined $250, credited with 10 days in jail and required 40 hours community service for assault for striking and scratching Daniel Dochterman in the face on April 13.

A June 17 pretrial was set for Milas I. Strozier, 60, South Main Street, Columbiana, charged with domestic violence for allegedly choking Tammy Ingledue on Thursday and striking her with a broom.

A June 21 pretrial was set for Kerri E. Steffel, 33, state Route 9, Kensington, charged with menacing for allegedly threatening to kill the dispatcher in Salem on April 14.

A domestic violence charge against Lorraine S. Rummel, 53, North Cross Street, Columbiana, was dismissed. Rummel had been accused of pushing Ashlee Boley on December 11.

Allen E. Facemier, 52, Oak Street, Salem, was fined $350 for two counts of driving under suspension.

Matthew A. Grate, 37, McCracken Road, Salem, was sentenced to a day in jail, fined $200 and required 40 hours community service for theft for shoplifting $40 in merchandise at the Salem Walmart when he failed to scan the items at the self-checkout on April 9.

An Aug. 26 pretrial was set for Rose M. Geisler, 35, Youngstown, cited with illegal possession of drug paraphernalia for allegedly having a glass crack pipe in her vehicle on Sunday.

A July 1 pretrial was set for Ashley M. Messenger, 31, Cunningham Road, Salem, charged with obstructing official business for allegedly fleeing on May 29, when troopers told her to wait in the car.

Tyler J. Ambrose, 24, Struthers, was fined $250 for driving under suspension.

Juan Tomas Guild, 22, Canton, was fined $200 for wrongful entrustment.

Tifanie L. Coffi, 35, East Martin Street, East Palestine, was fined $150 for disorderly conduct for yelling and breaking a glass window before attempting to walk through it when she was told to keep her voice down and trying to sweep it up with her bare hands.

Beth A. Ingledue, 50, Canfield, was fined $150 and required 40 hours community service for theft for failing to scan $98 in merchandise at the Salem Walmart on April 3.

Emily N. Brotherton, 28, Van Buren Avenue, Salem, was fined $100 for possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

Kayla M. Slabaugh, 31, Canton, was fined $100 for possession of marijuana.

EL Muni

EAST LIVERPOOL — In East Liverpool Municipal Court, William E. Cook, of Lee Street, was set June 22 for a pretrial on a domestic violence charge.

Brian D. Powell, of Bank Street, was set Thursday on a domestic violence charge.

Zachary S. Tice, of Cleveland Avenue, was set Aug. 5 for a pretrial on charges of no operator’s license and illegal plates.

Barbara Boyd, of Grant Street, was set Monday for a status hearing on a zoning violation.

Tyler W. Smith, of old Lincoln Highway, was set Aug. 5 for a pretrial on a charge of using weapons under a disability.

Cameron D. Mobley, of Beaver Falls, Pa., was set July 14 for a pretrial on speeding.

A probable cause hearing was set Aug. 10 for Amy L. Corak, of St. Clair Avenue Extension.

Donald L. Johnson III, of Dunn Road, was sentenced to $230 plus costs on charges of driving under suspension and defective exhaust.


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