Butler Township

Haltec Corp. to Brynn and Eric Mackall, land on North Price Road; $45,000

Lonnie and Ruth Sears to Katie and Thomas Robinson, home on state Route 62; $103,400

William and Lois McCormick to DJH Land LLC, 8.4 acres on state Route 9; $46,481


Matthew and Danyell Hopfenziz to Michael Schlueter and Leah Cyrus, home on West Park Avenue; $136,000

James A. Engel to Michael Rowe, home on East Friend Street; $163,000

A P&P Development and Construction to Fox Tiels LLC, office building on North Main Street; $158,000

East Liverpool

Grinnell Lake LLC to Chasity N. Jackson, home on St. Clair Avenue; $90,000

Josh Ingram and Joseph H. Garcia to Josh Ingram, land on Oak Street; $3,000

Vickie Baker et al. to Jonathan and Kristie Yoho, tri-plex on Cadmus Street; $12,000

Ralston Co. Inc. to Tracy L Boyd, home on St. George Street; $10,750

Mary L. Spooner to Shannon M. Langdon, home on Wyoming Avenue; $57,200

East Palestine

William and Karen Whittenberger to Staci Reed, home and 3.1 acres on Howell Road; $155,000

JSM Leasing LLC to TF Investing LTD, retail store on Taggart Street; $50,000

Fairfield Township

Cheryl A. Holmes to Brian D. Habeger, home on state Route 558; $204,600

Steven J. byers to Jonathan and Margaret Oliver, home and 15.1 acres on Lower Elkton Road; $129,000

Hanover Township

Eric and Brynn Mackall to Thomas and Mary Steele, home on Westward Way; $265,000

Glenn S. Anderson to Alexis Zeidrich, mobile home on Oak Street; $26,500

Sandra Arter to Brian and Jennifer Pusateri, home on Camp Boulevard; $151,655


Harold and Jan McDevitt to Gary and Corina Stein, home on West High Street; $150,000

Delphia M. Riddle to Donna M. Zielinski, home on north Street; $119,900

Liverpool Township

Gary L. Haney to Bobby Shell Jr., land on Shadyside Avenue; $12,000

Madison Township

Craig and Robin Curran to Adam P. Kochanowski, home on state Route 7; $239,000

Middleton Township

Barrow Revocable Living Trust to Jessica and Timothy W. Flowers Jr., home on state Route 154; $29,000

Perry Township

Steven K. Beiling to Caleb and Katharine White, home on Stewart Road; $115,000

Katie L. Brammer to Philip Morrison, home on Plymouth Place; $135,000


Ricky and Amanda Wilson to Ricky Wilson and Josh Andrews, mobile home on Church Street; $10,000


William and Kaelin N. Fish to Ryan S. Everett, home on West Thirteenth Street; $145,000

John and Diana King to Ruby Land LLC, home on East Seventh Street; $45,581

Sharon K. Galchick to Amanda S. Coy, home on Granite Street; $83,000

Judith and Charles Lippiatt to Christopher and Ashley Ifantiedes, home on East Tenth Street; $188,000

Salem Township

Charles G. Esenwein to Troy A. Hephner, home on Lisbon Road; $200,000

St. Clair Township

Benchmark Properties of Ohio LLC to Kyle and Clarissa Kowalkowski, home on Highland Drive; $199,900

John Parsons et al. to Kris A. Parsons, 24.7 acres on Old Fredericktown Road; $102,500

Deborah K. Burcham to Gary A. Dye Jr., home and 4.1 acres on Y & O Road; $154,639

Jordan A. Kerr to Matthew Kipferl and Daniel Mihal, home on Maple Lane; $205,000

Washington Township

Aaron and Ginger Shearer to Marla and Ethan Price, home and 4.5 acres on McGavern Road; $205,200

Yellow Creek Township

Dexter Group to JMT Investing LLC, home on state Route 45; $26,780


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