Susan E. Baun to Joyce E. Lancaster, home on North Cross Street; $60,000

Center Township

Center Commerce Development LLC to East Ohio Properties LLC, supermarket and parking lot on state Route 45 (Sparkle); $465,000

East Liverpool

John A. Carparuolo to Joshua and Megan Garrett, home on Mayberry Lane; $119,900

Richard and Angela Rudibaugh to Robert W. Petty, home on Blakeley Street; $9,000

Columbiana Metropolitan Housing to Twenty Six 3 Properties Inc., medical office on West Seventh Street; $50,000

James and Cynthia Boyce to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, home on Globe Street; $25,100

East Palestine

Michelle Young to Andrew Wilson, home on Taggart Street; $105,000

Brenda Stewart to Harold and Brenda Miller, home on Pine Tree Circle; $124,000

John and Cynthia Martin to Tripco LLC, car wash on Taggart Street (East Palestine Self Service Car Wash) and car wash on Sumner Street (East Palestine Car Wash Downtown); $345,000

Fairfield Township

Deibel Manufacturing LLC to Leetonia Holdings LLC, small manufacturing shop on Esterly Drive; $256,000

Kenneth A. Lower to David P. Posey, mobile home on Kirk Road; $37,000

Knox Township

Funkytown Property LTD to Live Oak Banking Company, medical office on state Route 62; $159,900

Robin and Janet Carr to Judd Norris, home on Lake Front Drive; $270,000

Hanover Township

Carol L. McClish to Rebekah J. Soliday, land on McKaig Road; $12,000


Eileen M. Binsley to Troy and Rachel K. Lindesmith, mobile home on Clinton Street; $61,750


Jodie L. Hippely to Dawn Title, mobile home on Sleepy Hollow Drive; $45,000


William and Lana Meek to Timothy James, home on North Market Street; $185,000

Liverpool Township

George B. Hall to Steven L. Skeens, home on Armstrong Lane; $17,300

Madison Township

Patrick McAndrew to Kevin D. Kosko, 41.7 acres on state Route 7; $178,000

Alan H. Buzzard to Andrew S. Ketchum, home on Buzzard Road; $50,000

Perry Township

Melissa L. Falk to John and Linda Yencha, home on Liberty Street; $144,000

Roger and Kristen Fisher to John Biddle, three acres on Benton Road; $27,000


Brian and Roberta Lindberg to Rebekah L. Santarelli, home on Oak Street; $100,000

Daniel M. Bricker to Robert B. Merry, home on Lincoln Avenue; $72,900

Stephen Bledsoe to Heriberto Pimentel, home on Jefferson Avenue; $165,000

Albert R. Hayes IV to Autumn B. Behon, home on Cleveland Street; $115,000

Tax Easing Funding 2016 to Cazenovia Creek Funding, home on East Perry Street; $46,000

Cazenovia Creek Funding II to Big Bay 6 LLC, home on East Perry Street; $20,000

Christine A. Lippiatt to Sherri L. Watkins, home on Roosevelt Avenue; $185,000

Classic Autos Restored Simply to Gary M. Colian Jr. and Mark J. Slocum, home on Prospect Street; $15,000

Brandon W. Harrison to Sherry Church and Karen Wheeler, home on West Eighth Street; $143,000

Big Bay 6 LLC to Integrity Residential Solutions LLC, home on East Perry Street; $35,200

Salem Township

Michael and Jacqueline Boyle to Timothy and Ashley Taafe, home and 2.2 acres on Apple Ridge Road; $250,000


Gregory and Melissa Allen to Jennifer and Robert Lee II, home on Lincoln Street; $25,000

St. Clair Township

Wayne, Richard and Leona Nichols to Richard Nichols, mobile home on Dome Street; $12,200

Richard L. Zink to David Everly, mobile home on Fifth Street; $25,000

Benjamin and Nancy Springer to Christopher and Amber Barnes, home on Longs Church Road; $135,000

Brandon and Angela Sheldon to Ronald and Valerie Bush, home on Stagecoach Road; $235,000

Unity Township

Joyce E. Jeffers to Tommy L. Jeffers, 41.8 acres on Waterford Road; $157,000

Wayne Township

Phillip A. Gregory Sr. to Ryan S. Glosser, mobile home on Steubenville Pike Road; $240,000

West Township

John A. Wright to Gregory W. Koontz, home on Main Street; $55,000

James and Nancy McCartan to Jeffery Rahmoeller, home on Ellsworth Avenue; $223,000

David A. Gotschall and Janese E. Rams to Glenn Whiteleather LLC, 5.8 acres on Rochester Road; $8,823

Linda L. Presutti to Victoria Conkle, home on Main Street; $29,000


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