Butler Township

Flippin B Investments LLC to Christopher and Julie Stamp, mobile home on Whinnery Road; $7,500

Center Township

Larry and Phyllis Wolfe to Steven and Angela Bailey, 74 acres on Wayne Bridge Road; $220,000


Susan E. Baun to Joyce E. Lancaster, home on North Cross Street; $60,000

Nicholas M. and Lisa S. Elder to Delynn K. Logan, home on Howard Street; $178,000

David and Jean Hanna to Barbara Schondelmeyer, condominium unit on Springfield Road; $123,500

Stanley and Ginger Wilczak to Ethan and Mary Alice Surgenavic, home on Apache Lane; $242,000

East Liverpool

Trademark Advantage LLC to Lance F. Greene, home on Ambrose Avenue; $9,000

Susan Copeland and Joyce Terry to Deanna and John Martin, home on Thompson Avenue; $130,000

Erika L. Staley to Ernest E. Peachey Sr., home on St. George Street; $16,900

Fairfield Township

Willard T. Tucker to Carrie J. and Noah E. Schultz, home and 1.4 acres on Metz Road; $170,000

Charles Beiling to John W. Rose, 2.3 acres on Bunker Hill Road; $30,000

Franklin Township

Tamela W. and Stacy Hosler to Aaron D. Ramey, home and ten acres on Fink Road; $249,000

Hanover Township

Jeremiah and Natalie McKee to Roger McKee, home on state Route 9; $88,000

Todd N. Williams to Michael P. Mays, home on St. Clair Avenue; $1,850

Casey L. Evans to Nancy J. Gardner, home on East Lake Road; $75,000

Larry and Sue Roberts to Ronald J. Houdek, home on Spillway Road; $90,000

Guilford Lake Grille LLC to Stow Kent One Inc., restaurant on East Lake Road (Guilford Lake Grill); $190,000

Guilford Lake Grille LLC to Tony and Lori Jaber, parking lot on East Lake Road; $84,000

Guilford Lake Grille LLC to Kidsjaber LLC, land on East Lake Road; $83,000

Knox Township

Marc A. Carle to Cody Wargo and Olivia Dawes, home on Mountz Road; $167,500

Shaun and Adrianna Bunch to Amber Fortson, home on Center Road; $195,000

Eric C. Marsili to 3458 Enterprises LLC, commercial structure on state Route 62; $43,000

Keith and Nina Ossler to Melissa Springer, home on South Street; $93,000

Gregory A. Hoover to High Plains Properties LTD, home and 2.5 acres on Homeworth Avenue; $430,000

Liverpool Township

Marc and Amelia Cicone to Brian and Nicole Curtis, home on Pleasant Street; $226,000

Madison Township

Craig A. Heaton to Austin and McKenna Marshall, home on Lones Road; $100,000

Middleton Township

Karen and Richard G. Simpson Jr. to Marah Campbell and Jeff Exline, home and 10.8 acres on Dyke Road; $300,000

Lake Tomahawk Property Owner to Gary Rhodes, land on Chippewa Trail; $3,000

New Waterford

Michael S. and Kristina Athey to George Wright, home on Taylor Street; $85,000

Perry Township

Betty E. Johnson to Harry and Donna Nobbs, home on Elberon Avenue; $52,213

Angela C. and Phyllis Jackson to William and Kaelin Fish, home and 3.3 acres on Allen Road; $150,000


June Bauman to Emily Wilson, home on North Howard Street; $89,000

Clam Flippin LLC to Ryan and Paige Fortner, home on Cleveland Street; $114,000

Caleb and Katharine White to Annette and Arthur C. Broska III, home on West Ninth Street; $125,000

Sally Doss to Erica L. Schmitt, home on Lincoln Avenue; $17,000

Rodney A. Wardle to Amber Agnew, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $87,000

Bricker Land LLC to Mark Shivers, home on Orchard Bend Drive; $22,500

St. Clair Township

Duane C. Hetzer to Richard J. and Mary Ann Manning, home on Wyoming Avenue; $75,000

Penny Smith and Gwen E. Gamble to Gwen E. and Charles J. Gamble, home on Florence Street; $29,100

Unity Township

Douglas J. Hoffer to Nicholas M. and Jennifer L. George, home on Adams Road; $225,000

Linda and Philip Murphy to Michael O. Smith, home and 1.4 acres on Crestview Road; $230,000

Washington Township

Sandra S. Mathias to Julie Artman, home on Steubenville Pike Road; $21,500

Wayne Township

Shawn and Julie Talbott to Angela A. Moore, home and 13 acres on Steubenville Pike Road; $349,900

West Township

Jeffrey M. McCauley to Curtis and Jenny Dowell, home and one acre on Lion Lane; $16,500

Ricky L. Ecrement to Brian and Kori Persons, land on Bower Road; $8,000

Heath E. Halter to Jonathan and Catherine Yoder, home on Bayard Road; $76,039

Yellow Creek Township

Joann Woodward to Krystal R. Valentine, home on Tenth Street Extension; $135,000


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