Sheila J. Stumpf to Juanita J. and Robert D. Williamson Jr., home on Seventh Street; $185,000

TJJS Holdings LTD to Columbiana Heck Holdings LLC, manufacturing plant on Heck Road (HEMASOURCE); $1,708,125

East Liverpool

Resolve Equity Investments LLC to Sadie Gamble, home on May Street; $23,996

Martha Lee Phillips to James L. and Virginia A. Ramsey, home on St. Clair Avenue; $21,000

Complete Auto Service and Salvage to Destiny B. and Lisa R. White-Cline, home on Gardendale Street; $20,000

Kathy L. Buzzard to Mondello Investment Group LLC, home on John Street; $19,000

Todd Rental Corporation to Michael W. and Lori A. Shreve, home on Alpha Street; $30,000

John A. Capraruolo to Joshua and Megan Garrett, home on Mayberry Lane; $119,900

East Palestine

Jill M. McGee to Zachary C. Elsea, home on Sugar Camp Road; $265,000

Chad L. McElroy to Empire Productions LLC, home on Garfield Avenue; $24,000

Renee L. Jones to Chandler Daivs, home on Lincoln Street; $57,000

Fairfield Township

Michael P. and Kelly L. Nulf to Albert and Ronda K. Lattanzio, home on Middleton Road; $58,000

Deibel Manufacturing LLC to Leetonia Holdings LLC, small machine shop and nine acres on Esterly Drive; $256,000

Knox Township

Michael W. and Cheryl L. Luca to Benjamin and Heather D. Luca, home and 3.3 acres on Homeworth Road; $182,000

Joseph A. Sanor to Nicholas M. Ware, home on Georgetown Road; $162,900

Funkytown Property LTD to Live Oak Banking Company, medical clinic on state Route 62; $159,900

Liverpool Township

Keith A. Mann to Byron and Ruth E. Stansbury, home on Campground Road; $40,000

Robert and Shawna Asbury to Alisha and David Haugen, home on Forsyth Place; $439,900

St. John Evangelical Church to Andrea and William Craig III, building on Windsor Drive; $32,500

Madison Township

Dorothy L. Wycoff to Herbert K. and Jeanette M. Buzzard, mobile home and 1.6 acres on Yeager Drive; $33,200

Patrick McAndrew to Kevin D. Kosko, 41.7 acres on state Route 7; $178,000

New Waterford

James and Debra J. Danks to Jacob K. Duncan, home on Dogwood Circle; $200,000


Corey Cody and Jessica Green to Corey Cody, home on Park Avenue; $56,000

Brian E. and Roberta L. Lindberg to Rebekah L. Santarelli, home on Oak Street; $100,000

Salem Township

Michael L. and Jacqueline Boyle to Timothy J. and Ashley N. Taafe, home and 2.2 acres on Apple Ridge Road; $250,000

St. Clair Township

James A. Osterling to Ciara N. and Kolan T. Lang, home on Annesley Road; $153,000

Wayne, Richard and Leona Nichols to Richard L. Nichols, mobile home on Dome Street; $12,200

Richard L. Zink to David Everly, land on Fifth Street; $25,000

Unity Township

Kathleen M. McDaniel to Gary and Nicole M. Fry, $275,000

Frank A. Papania to Allen R. Hodge, mobile home and 6.2 acres on state Route 558; $56,000

Anthony J. and Mary Anne Rich to Thomas J. Brittain, land on state Route 170; $4,500

Joyce E. Jeffers to Tommy L. Jeffers, 41 acres on Waterford Road; $157,000

Wayne Township

Kerri C. Davis to Nicole B. and Richard A. Alfieri, 22.7 acres on state Route 164; $325,000

Cindy R. Cook to Daniel and Beth M. Paul, 3.8 acres on state Route 164; $20,000


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