Butler Township

Jeffrey and Karen S. Simmons to Ryan M. Kiko and Morgan M. Mingus, home and 23 acres on Winona Road; $640,000

Ryan Kiko to Russell T. Kiko, 50 acres on Winona Road; $275,000

Ryan M. Kiko to Chadwick D. Mercer, ten acres on Winona Road; $300,000

Center Township

Roger L. and Ruth E. White to Amanda and Robert Esarey, home and three acres on state Route 30; $300,000


Ronald H. Simon to Sonny Days Are Here LLC, home on Southern Avenue; $180,000

Armadillo Development LLC to Sonny Days Are Here LLC, 32 acres on Southern Avenue; $328,100

Ronald Brubaker to Ronald H. Simon, home on Court Street; $88,900

Margaret D. Ham to Jefferson B. Smith, duplex on South Main Street; $72,500

Kim M. Hoover and Autumn W. Bur to Bonnie E. Flynn, home on Firestone Avenue; $168,000

Barbara A. DeLauter to Richard G. Fitch and Abbie K. Gallagher, home on Firestone Avenue; $185,000

Wendy Macbride to John D. and Christine K. Kurtz, condominium unit on Timberline Drive; $187,288

Leisa Lorenzo to Richard C. McCullough, home on Manor Drive; $187,000

East Liverpool

Little Soaring Eagle LLC to Roy T. and Amy L. Faulk, retail structure on Sixth Street, land on St. Clair Avenue and Dresden Avenue; $76,000

Lina S. Maley to Michael E. Smith and Peggy Rose, home on St. Clair Avenue; $105,000

Lynne Schultz and Elizabeth Buzza to John and Gloria Wyke, home on Huston Avenue; $3,000

East Palestine

Christopher P. Vargo to Jeffrey A. Hahn, home on Martin Street; $66,000

Christine and Robert Glusic to Rodney R. Webber, home on Clark Street; $78,100

Fairfield Township

Thomas S. and Bonnie L. Oliver to Anton F. and Tabetha Langer, home and 10.1 acres on state Route 46; $585,000

Franklin Township

Joanne Jaasz to Nicole and Isaac L. Lemasters III, mobile home and 7.3 acres on state Route 644; $182,600

Joanne Jaasz to Anthony M. Zarlinga Sr., 7.3 acres on state Route 644; $385

Hanover Township

Rex and Susan Johler to Jeffrey and Amy DeFilippo, home on Wooddale Drive; $116,000

Madison Township

Rodney E. Gilchrist to Kelcie M. and Michael A. Shaw, home on Dunn Road; $85,000

Armadillo Development LLC to Harley Schlabach and Jonas M. Miller, 31 acres on state Route 11 and 92 acres on Ashton Road; $350,000

Richard E. Chamberlain to Wayne A. and Gaile J. Chamberlain, home on Buckeye Road; $30,000

Middleton Township

Robert A. Mercer Jr. to Timothy S. Wilkinson, land on Ottawa Trail; $2,200

New Waterford

Dallas and Diane Carlisle to Douglas E. and Deborah L. Buchanan, home on Patriot Lane; $228,000

Perry Township

Robert G. Harvey to Daniel T. Harvey, home on Apple Street; $80,000

Jacob L. and Maggie M. Less to Darly R. and April K. Dettweiler, home and 1.2 acres on state Route 9; $186,000

Robert D. Thomas to Gary W. Eichler Jr., home on state Route 344; $68,950


Zachary T. Rothwell to Steven and Kelly Kuttler, home on Jones Drive; $132,000

Connie L. Rebuck to US Bank National Association, home on Newgarden Avenue; $21,000

Anton and Tabetha A. Langer to Cheryl Tice, home on Lincoln Avenue; $278,482

Hetricks Properties LLC to Unicenter LLC, home on Lundy Avenue; $50,000

Equity Trust Company to Melissa Kitts, home on Fifth Street; $69,000

Melissa Kitts to Jacob Humeniuk, home on Fifth Street; $89,900

Sara and Ernest Nicholson to Kathy Porter, home on Brooklyn Avenue; $118,000

Salem Township

Joyce A. Waggle to Tyler J. Wolfe and Alicia M. Eller, home on Columbia Street; $100,000

Timothy L. and Wayne L. Ramsey Jr. to Alexandria and Nicholas Rodi, home on Cunningham Road; $205,000


Rodney A. and Melissa D. Baker to Donald Scarry and Linda Coil, home on State Street; $10,000

St. Clair Township

Lustig Family Revocable Living Trustee to Kevin and Emily Congo, home on Calcutta Smith Ferry Road; $187,000

Vicki L. Lane to RMH Rentals LLC, 2.9 acres on Maple Drive; $16,000

Dorothy J. Proctor to Charles D. and Pamela S. Smith, land on Cannon Mills Road; $2,000

Dorothy J. Proctor Robert Proctor, home on Cannons Mills Road and five acres on Third Street; $61,000

Calcutta Development LLC to Conor J. and Kristinia L. Faloon, land on Fieldstone Drive; $38,600


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