Felony weapons charges dismissed

LISBON — Felony charges of having weapons while under a disability and improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle against Dion McMillon were dismissed in Common Pleas Court due to the death of the defendant. McMillon, 26, Palissey Street, East Liverpool, was reportedly the shooting victim found in a car on Maple Street in East Liverpool on May 19. The charges were dismissed following a motion by the prosecutor’s office.

David M. Butcher, 48, East Ninth Street, Salem, was convicted by a jury earlier this month on an aggravated possession of drugs charge, a fifth-degree felony. Butcher was placed on community control, which included 120 days in jail and an evaluation for placement at the Eastern Ohio Correction Center, however his sentence has been placed on hold pending an appeal filed Thursday. Butcher’s conviction was for a substance, believed to be methamphetamines, he reportedly was grinding in his hand in an attempt to hide it from authorities in Salem on Oct. 27, 2019.

Crystal R. Hoskinson, 29, South Lincoln Avenue, Salem, stipulated to violating her community control from previous convictions of two counts of aggravated possession of drugs and two counts of possession of drugs. Her community control was terminated and she was sentenced to six months in prison.


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