LISBON — In county Municipal Court, Sherman Alfred Pritt Jr., 41, Y and O Road, East Liverpool, was bound over to the grand jury on a charge of violating a protection order for allegedly calling Stacey Dawson from the county jail, including leaving her voice mail messages in May.

Jaymee Jazmin Cayo, 27, Wilbert Avenue, East Liverpool, was bound over to the grand jury on a charge of receiving stolen property for allegedly driving a vehicle stolen in Youngstown to Lisbon on May 7.

An unauthorized use of a motor vehicle charge against Sterling Antione Fant, 34, Fontana, Calif., was dismissed after it was determined he has already been indicted by the grand jury for the charge. On June 13, 2019, Fant allegedly drove a 2015 Kia Soul, which was stolen from Patricia Edgell, out to California.

Derrik Alan Bruce, 33, Main Street, Leetonia, was bound over to the grand jury on a charge of breaking and entering. On Feb. 8, Bruce allegedly entered a shed owned by Matthew Stanley, South Market Street, East Palestine, and stole a green and chrome bicycle. Bruce was fined $330 for a seat belt violation and two counts of criminal trespassing. One count was for pushing open a door secured by tape and plastic for the winter and then opening a basement screen door both at the North Sumner Street, East Palestine, home of Petra Montgomery and Robert Hiner on Feb. 9. The other was for walking into a vacant Leake Street home on Feb. 8and telling someone who saw him, that he was hiding from people who were looking for him.

Ashley M. Messenger, 30, Cunningham Road, Salem, was bound over to the grand jury on an obstructing justice charge for allegedly telling deputies on June 13 Sean Crislip was not in the home, when he was reportedly found hiding in a closet and allegedly sending him a text message telling him to hide.

Ryan M. Hoschar, 23, Lisbon-Canfield Road, Salem, was credited with 22 days in jail, sentenced to 38 additional days, fined $300 for two counts each of resisting arrest and obstructing official business. Two of the charges are for sleeping in a shed at a Lisbon Road home, refusing to come out and then pulling away from deputies, running into the woods leading to a three-hour manhunt involving seven deputies. The other two charges involved Hoschar driving through a wheat field and damaging crops on April 19 and leading to him being found covered with mud next to a stuck 1996 Ford truck.

A Sept. 10 pretrial was set for Steven K. Rodgers, 42, Sherwood Road, Wellsville, cited with OVI first offense and speeding.

Barbara J. Cox, 47, Bacon Avenue, East Palestine, was fined $755, had her license suspended for a year, required to attend a three-day counseling program and ordered 30 hours community service for traffic control devices, expired license and physical control amended from OVI first offense.

An Aug. 13 pretrial was set for Billy J. Keeder, 30, Oak Ridge Road, Wellsville, charged with menacing for threatening to throw a brick through the windshield of Donald Vos’ vehicle.

Todd O. Dean, 40, Aetna Street, Salem, was credited with 10 days served in jail, sentenced to an additional 20 days in jail, fined $360 and required 50 hours community service for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, carrying a concealed weapon, failure to control and drug paraphernalia. Dean had a loaded Sig Sauer .380 automatic pistol in his book bag on June 13. He also failed to return a vehicle borrowed from Tammy Chestnut on April 25.

Christina L. Todd, 41, North Ellsworth Avenue, Salem, was fined $450, credited with a day in jail, sentenced to an additional four days in jail and required 40 hours community service for obstructing official business, disorderly conduct and domestic violence. Todd threatened to kill Robert Crespo on March 23 in front of Salem police, charged at Crespo, charged at Patrolman Mike Garber and refused to comply with orders to cease her behavior.

Charles W. Rhoads, 26, South Lincoln Avenue, Hanoverton, was fined $550 and credited with 105 days in jail for domestic violence for head butting and biting his girlfriend, Mercy Waller, on Oct. 30.

A July 28 pretrial was set for Erica L. Gay, 38, Niles, charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle for allegedly failing to return a vehicle owned by Tim Baker of Lisbon, instead using it to build up multiple tolls and speeding tickets.

Mark S. Hutchinson Jr., 31, Sprucevale Road, Rogers, was fined $150 and required 40 hours community service for assault for injuring Kaylynn Lee Eichler, the passenger in his vehicle on Aug. 3, 2019.

Brenston T. Thompkins, 25, Saint George Street, East Liverpool, was credited with 12 days in jail, sentenced to an additional eight days in jail and fined $250 for possession of a drug abuse instrument for a syringe at the county jail.

Jack H. Shaffer III, 34, Greentown, was fined $380, required 20 hours community service and credited with a day in jail for possession of instruments to ingest drugs, driving under suspension, failure to dim and two headlights required.

Zachary A. Kenst, 27, Millner Street, Alliance, was fined $450, credited with 37 days in jail and sentenced to another 23 days in jail for theft and two counts of criminal trespassing. Two of the charges were for going onto an East Third Street, Salem, porch on July 25, 2018 and stealing a pair of boots. The other charge was for going onto a property on Old Coach Lane, Salem, on July 11, 2018.

A July 6 pretrial was set for Rebecca L. Thompson, 40, Prospect Street, Columbiana, charged with domestic violence for allegedly hitting, scratching and pulling her daughter’s hair in a vehicle on June 12, 2019.

Taylor L. West, 23, Oak Street, Leetonia, was sentenced to 10 days in jail and fined $150 for criminal trespassing for being inside a vacant Vine Avenue, Salem, apartment on Jan. 13.

Terry A. Faulk, 56, state Route 154, Elkton, was fined $250 for driving under suspension.

Paul A. Lucas, 79, St. Clair Avenue, East Liverpool, was fined $80 for speeding and driving under suspension.

A July 6 pretrial was set for Harley Rose O’Neil, 23, Youngstown, cited with wrongful entrustment.


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