Municipal Court

LISBON — In county Municipal Court, Eric Kibler, 37, East Vermont Avenue, Sebring, was fined $250, sentenced to 30 days in jail, had his license suspended for six months and ordered 40 hours of community service for illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

Daniel Baker, 37, Lakeview Drive, Columbiana, was fined $505, sentenced to 90 days in jail, had his license suspended for one year and ordered 20 hours of community service for OVI first offense, driving under suspension and a stop sign violation.

An Aug. 25 pretrial was set for Charity M. Todd, 20, Salem-Unity Road, Salem, charged with telecommunications harassment. Todd made a threat towards Kristen Schafer after numerous other unwanted phone calls.

A June 30 pretrial was set for Alora T. Vancooney, 20, Sharp Avenue, Salem, charged with theft. Vancooney admitted to various thefts at Walmart over a four-month period.

A July 14 pretrial was set for Brian D. Gaudet, 63, South Salem-Warren Road, Canfield, charged with OVI first offense and failure to display a valid sticker.

An Aug. 20 pretrial was set for McCain J. Adams, 21, Coronado Avenue, Youngstown, charged with driving under financial responsibility suspension, traffic control devices, driving under suspension and marked lanes.

A July 7 pretrial was set for Steven E. Ferguson, 50, West Virginia, charged with possession of a drug abuse instrument.

Avaz Mamadaliev, 43, Maryland, was fined $100 for an equipment violation amended from a stop sign violation.

Brandon S. Farmer, 35, North Ellsworth Avenue, Salem, was fined $300 for failure to control and reckless operation.

John Sochor, 63, Key Bellaire Road, Bellaire, was fined $30 for failure to control.

John M. Bowers, 75, Birch Road, East Liverpool, was fined $30 for failure to control.


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