LISBON — In County Municipal Court, Charles M. Butler, 45, Youngstown, was credited with seven days served, sentenced to 16 additional days in jail, had his license suspended for 545 days, required 70 hours community service and fined $1,555 for driving under suspension, drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, open container, left of center, a seat belt violation and OVI second offense amended from OVI third offense.

John E. Hippley, 57, North Main Street, Columbiana, was fined $400 for driving on a closed highway and disorderly conduct amended from obstructing official business for driving past a police officer informing him he could not drive down the street during the city paving project July 2. Hippley reportedly then pulled into a parking lot, attempted to walk away and then refused to get out of the vehicle after police allowed him to move it before taking him into custody. Additional charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest were dismissed.

A Nov. 18 pretrial was set for Charlie R. Biser, Metz Road, New Waterford, charged with resisting arrest for allegedly giving EMS a difficult time and attempting to leave when Patrolman Brian Moore told her she was under arrest on a warrant and pulling away from him.

A Nov. 21 pretrial was set for Wendell S. Beatty Jr., 31, Old Lincoln Highway, East Liverpool, charged with domestic violence and criminal damaging for allegedly striking Helen Moffett in the face with his hand and backed into a Jeep owned by Jared Moffett, even after Richard Moffett told Beatty to stop.

A Nov 25 pretrial was set for Trevor A. Lodge, 25, North Howard Avenue, Salem, charged with criminal damaging for allegedly throwing a large boulder onto Allison Heverly’s vehicle on Thursday.

A Nov. 21 pretrial was set for Donald Owens, 44, East Main Street, New Waterford, cited with criminal mischief for allegedly placing a brown bag over a security camera in the booking area of the county jail on Thursday.

Timothy Allen Moore, 19, West Farmington, was fined $300 and had his license suspended for 180 days for possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia.

Ryan M. Schuck, 30, North Ellsworth Avenue, Salem, was fined $150 for driving under suspension.

Shannon M. Douglas, 40, Akron, was fined $150 for driving under suspension.

A Jan. 7 pretrial was set for Bradley Dustman, 25,South Main Street, Columbiana, cited with possession of marijuana.