ELO Court

EAST LIVERPOOL– In Municipal Court on Friday, Leon Forrester, 26, Chester W.Va., was fined $150 and given one day in jail for theft.

Kenneth Bragg, 26, Vine Street, was given a pretrial of Oct. 17 for charges of domestic violence, violate protection order, falsification and obstructing.

Samantha Sisco, 30, Rogers, pretrial for drug abuse instruments, Oct. 17.

Cynthia Lynn, 66, Moore Street, second arraignment for possession of pot, Oct. 18.

Lisa Hoggard, 43, McKinnon Avenue, pretrial for no license, Nov 6.

Troy Quinn, 23, Minerva Street, pretrial for drug abuse instrument, Nov. 14.

Amanda Falkner, 30, Wilbert Avenue, pretrial for soliciting, Nov. 14.

Lonny Adkins, 47, McDonald Street, second arraignment, Oct. 21.