Municipal Court

LISBON — A July 29 preliminary hearing was set in county Municipal Court for Jason C. Griffin, 34, North Elm Street, Columbiana, charged with endangering children for allegedly spanking a 2-year-old, leaving a large red welt.

A July 29 pretrial was set for Timothy W. Tomor, 43, East Sixth Street, Salem, charged with two counts of domestic violence for allegedly striking Stacy Tomor and a 8-year-old boy, punching them in the face on Saturday.

A fleeing and eluding charge against Dkwan M. Wise, 23, 16 School Road, Wellsville, was dismissed, but may be refiled as a felony. A theft charge was also dismissed, but may be refiled. On June 30, Wise is accused of speeding off in a stolen Chrysler 300 at high rates of speed before he wrecked into a Wellsville business on Main Street between Eighth and Ninth Streets.

An Aug. 29 pretrial was set for Enrico Dominic Jones, 27, Bergholz, charged with violating a protection order and assault for allegedly striking Jonathon Russell in the head with a C-clamp at BK Market in Salineville, where an employee, Samantha Thrasher, has a protection order against him.

Ian W. Woods, 47, West Washington Street, Lisbon, was fined $300 for two counts of disorderly conduct, one of which was amended from unlawful restraint. On Jan. 4, Woods had pulled his truck behind a woman’s vehicle in a parking spot to keep her from leaving. Then on Feb. 3, he attempted to get a woman to get into his truck and caused her to run away from him through yards. The fines will be suspended on the condition Woods have no contact with either Brianna Ellen Pickens or Billie Lenora Bussard.

A Sept. 3 pretrial was set for Craig A. Wischerman, 45, East North Avenue, East Palestine, cited with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Wischerman was allegedly found passed out due to being intoxicated on Saturday with his legs in the roadway and then threatened violence against police, firefighters and EMT’s who came to help him. He then allegedly tried to pull away from police taking him into custody.

A Sept. 5 pretrial was set for Daniel Thomas Queen, 23, Echo Dell Road, East Liverpool, cited with OVI first offense and marked lanes.

An Aug. 20 pretrial was set for George A. Taylor, 60, South Lincoln Avenue, Salem, charged with domestic violence for allegedly threatening to kill or beat Tammy Richardson on Saturday.

Susan Collins, 50, Lincoln Avenue, East Palestine, was fined $200, required 40 hours community service and credited with two days in jail for resisting arrest and persistent disorderly conduct. Collins was irate with deputies trying to yell over them while they were investigating a domestic disturbance on May 22. She also refused to get out of the cruiser at the jail. Charges of assault and obstructing official business were dismissed.

A Sept. 3 pretrial was set for Dorian T. Lowery, 43, Hawkins Road, New Waterford, charged with obstructing official business for allegedly refusing to provide police with his name or identification when they responded to the Swift Mart in Unity on Saturday.

A July 25 pretrial was set for Michael C. Henderson, 55,West Main Street, East Palestine, cited with telecommunications harassment for allegedly sending harassing and abusive text messages to Shari Matthews on Saturday morning after he had been warned to stop.

Damon Battles, 39, Elyria, was fined $250 and credited with three days in jail for driving under suspension.

A Sept. 16 pretrial was set for Steven Barr Jr., 33, Cricket Lane, Columbiana, cited with driving under FRA suspension.

An Aug. 13 pretrial was set for Gary R. Wadlow II, 36, East Vermont Avenue, Sebring, cited with drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and a turn signals violation.

James T. Deatley, 43, Akron, was fined $150 for theft and criminal trespassing. On June 12 Deatley took a utility trailer off of posted property belonging to Belinda Sadler.

Shayla Warren, 28, Willoughby, was fined $150 for lighted lights required amended from speeding.

Grant R. Brown, 33, Athens, was fined $100 and had his license suspended for 180 days for possession of marijuana and a turn signals violation.

Richard G. Prendergast, 57, Haessly Road, Hanoverton, was fined $110 for expired registration, distracted driving and left of center.

Katie L. Wadlow, 33, East Fifth Street, Salem, was fined $50 for no license and lighted lights required. A July 29 pretrial was set for Wadlow for a drug paraphernalia citation.

Shawn Carr, 48, Youngstown, was fined $80 for speeding.

A driving under suspension citation against Victoria Renee Zacarias Gutierrez, 29, Sharon Lynn Drive, Salem, was dismissed.