Butler Township

Craig Weingart to Mike and Megan Gruszecki, home and 5.3 acres on Tower Road; $150,000.


Mark and Marcia Frenger to James P. Weber, home on Fairfield Avenue; $93,000.

Tiffany Nesselrote to Nathan and Tiffany Nesselrote, home on Lisbon Street; $73,000.

Timothy Bush to A & H Investments of Columbiana LLC, home on West Salem Street; $248,500.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (Jesse and Jennifer Dailey) to Sean Struffeler, home on Court Street; $74,500.

East Liverpool

Waneda Seabolt to Gary and Savannah Hughes, home on Jennings Avenue; $45,000.

Wells Fargo Bank (Patricia Allison) to Columbiana County land bank, home at 1009 St. Clair Ave.; donation.

East Palestine

Mark and Myron Elick, co-trustees, to Mallory Jones, home on East Taggart Street; $59,000.

Fairfield Township

Raymond and Nancy Geho to Daniel and Heather Hawkins, home and 4 acres on state Route 164; $265,000.

Hanover Township

Geraldine Wehner to George Newman, lot on Lakeview Street; $2,100.

Knox Township

Nelli Rosenberger to Cory Hoover, home on Georgetown Road; $81,000

Liverpool Township

Rhonda Schell to Brian Powell, home on Stagecoach Road; $105,000.

Middleton Township

Betty Evans to Jacob Stratton, home on state Route 154; $73,000.

Perry Township

Andrew and Tara Mashuda to Steven Doyle, home on Elberon Avenue; $72,000.


Bank of New York (Treasa Dawson) to Loretta Wilson, home on New Garden Avenue; $64,900.

James and Denis Kincade to Justin Novak, home on Columbia Street; $35,000.

Sondra Anderson to Jarin Heath, home on Ridgewood Drive; $48,000.

Craig and Amy Bryan to Andrew and Tara Mashuda, home on Orchard Bend; $167,000.

Deutsche Bank (David Bosco) to Josh Gauding, home on Lexington Avenue; $87,000.

Erin Fountain to Harry and Mary Lee, trustees, home on Carrie Lane; $225,000.

Salem Township

Donald Bates and Tullis Family Trust to Larry and Diane Tullis, property Jersey Ridge Road; $47,000.

St. Clair Township

Melvin Werling to Douglas Keyser, home on Canton Avenue; $35,100.

Washington Township

Huntington National Bank (Brenda Meadows) to Jeffrey Behan, home and 2.5 acres on Oak Grove Road; $19,900.

Thomas and Carol Minor to Benjamin Plumley, home on state Route 39; $122,000.


Nova Hebron to James and Kirshe Burns, home on 10th Street; $10,000.

West Township

County Sheriff (Bobby and Vanessa Moore) to Nationstar Mortgage, home on Quaker Church Road; $38,570.

Scott and Tammy Carle to Gary and Stacy Irwin, home and 89 acres on Lorey Road; $443,471.



Adolph Group Limited Partnership to Columbiana Dairy Queen Enterprises Corp., Dairy Queen on East Park Avenue; $220,000.

Lana and Mark Tullis to Robert and Rhonda Blazer, home on North West Street; $115,800.

Janet Rohrer to Thomas and Linda Danley, co-trustees, condominium Timberline Drive; $167,600.

Basile and Kellie Prassinos to Susan Davis, home on Canterbury Court; $225,000.

East Liverpool

Columbiana Metropolitan Housing Authority to Harold Feezle, home on Vine street; $12,500.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nathan Boyd, home at 426 Morton St.; $5,265.

Roberta Baker to Shaun Fullerton and Kaycie Quimby, home on Bradshaw Avenue; $10,000.

Joseph and Rana King to Mark Vankirk, home on West Ninth Street; $28,300.

East Palestine

Todd Rutledge to Kevin Arnold, home on Wood Street (foreclosure); $16,350.

Sarah Blocksom to Lisbon Maintenance Co., home on East Clark St.; $39,900.

Fairfield Township

Cecil Conkle to Heidi Scott, home on Miller Road; $25,000.

Knox Township

Randy Yarwasky to Caitlin Labonte, home on Georgetown-Damascus Road; $64,500.

Michael K. Stanley to Rick Brunner, et al, home and 7 arces on Hartley Road; $250,000.


Lindsay and Thomas Roush Jr. to Kaleb Beaver, home on Bears Den Road; $108,000.


Sarah L. Dickey to Lisbon Maintenance Co., home on North Market Street; $92,750.

Middleton Township

Kenneth Devore to Zachary and Kimberly Redmond, home and 10 acres on Union Ridge Road; $160,000.

Tomahawk Utilities to Aqua Ohio Inc., 11 acres on Dyke Road; $8,244.

David Musselman to Bill Lewis, et al; home on Tomahawk Drive; $260,000.

Gretchen Dickey Smith to Harold Feezle, home on Front Street; $27,000.

Tomahawk Utilities to Lake Tomahawk Property Owners, 4.6 acres on Dyke Road; $20,236.

Perry Township

Joseph and Peggy Oyster to Rocco and Karen Losito, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $141,000.


Joseph Morenz to Joshua Bell, home on Liberty Avenue; $87,000.

U.S. Bank National Association (James and Linda Wilson) to John Bracken, home on East 12th Street; $28,000.

St. Clair Township

Cynthia Woods to Michael and Susan Harvey, 0.5 acres on state Route 267; $3,300.

Unity Township

Secretary of Veteran%s Affairs to Anna and Andy Byler Jr., home at 1691 Bacon Ave.; $125,097.


Mark Cope to Darlene Cope, home on Steubenville Pike; $26,250.


William and Beverly Craig to Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department, vacant property on White Street; $3,200.

Keybank National Association to Paul M. Wright Jr., home at 615 15th St.; $29,900.

West Township

Estate of Keith Jackson to Whiteover Farms, home and 60 acres on Lowmiller Road; $410,000.

Evan Lawrence LLC to Kevin and Danielle Hough, home on Rochester Road; $239,500.

Yellow Creek Township

Joyce Gorrell and Frank Daniels to Steven Kountz, manufactured home and lot on Hillcrest Road; $16,640.


Butler Township

Sherry Simonds to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on Tower Road; $40,000.

Center Township

Estate of Marion Apple to Caleb Wycoff, home and 2.5 acres on Wayne Bridge Road; $85,000.

County Sheriff (Paul and Frances Gearin) to Elsie M. Yokley, home on state Route 164; $34,000.


Donna Snodgrass to Dylan Joy, home on West Park Avenue; $62,000.

Ron and Donna Addicott to Joshua Kistler, home on Stanton Avenue; $153,000.

Joshua and Morgan Kistler to Joseph Forte, home on East Friend Street; $86,000.

Beverly and James Kirk to David and Sherrin Stambaugh, condominium on Meadow Place; $140,000.

Kenneth and Patricia Gallagher to Land Shark Holdings, home on North Main Street; $95,000.

East Liverpool

Mary Burke to Columbiana County land bank, home on Avondale Street; $9,600.

Home Savings & Loan (Leland and Patricia McGill) to Timothy and Marcia Van Fossan, home on North Shady Lane; $22,600.

Janet Dennis to Gloria Devon, home on Garner Avenue; $46,000.

Rodney McCourt to Samuel Davis, home on Haywood Street; $500.

Larry M. Davis, et al v. Tammy Heddleston, home on Charles Street; $35,000.

Catherine Kurchinski to Ricardo Gonzalez, home on Shadyside Avenue; $13,900.

East Palestine

Jason Trosky to Alicia Lowery, home on Bacon Avenue; $56,205.

Wells Fargo Bank (William and Teresa Leist) to CR Homes LLC, home on South Street; $16,650.

Mark Souder to Steve O’Neil, home on West Clark Street; $30,127.

Elkrun Township

Charles Beiling Trust to Amy Cooper, home on state Route 7; $5,000.

William and Carrie Catlett to Linda Bell, 0.7 acre lot on Stookesberry Road; $500.

Fairfield Township

Matthew and Jennifer Kosman to Matthew Krebs, home on Crestview Road; $148,000.

Knox Township

Walter and Marcia Smith to Dennis Postiy, home on Bon Drive; $160,000.

George & Knox Ltd. to MLM Realty Holdings, 20 acres on Georgetown Road; $180,090.


Bank of New York (Mark Altomare) to Chas and Tina Clark, home on Pearl Street; $37,900.

Madison Township

David Crews, et al, Charles Tarnovich II, home in Irish Ridge Road; $118,900.

Joseph Giampietro to John Todd, 49 acres on McCormick Run Road; $164,317.

Perry Township

Brad and Jennifer Walter to Daniel Headland, home on Beechwood Road; $196,250.


Richard and Cheryl Citino to Robert and Kristina Yuhanick, lot on East 10th Street; $18,500.

U.S. Bank (Gary and Kathleen Kosch) to Scott and Kristi Koffel, home on West 10th Street; $42,000.

Daniel Headland to John and Shannon Lewis, home on West 14th Street; $115,500.

County Sheriff (Richard and Kimberly Schwartz) to U.S. Bank, home on East School Street; $24,000.

Theresa Everson to Charles Wolfe and Barbara Glover, home on Barclay Avenue; $89,000.

Richard Metts to Brad and Jennifer Walter, home on Highland Avenue; $283,000.

Laura Lowry to Richard Metts, home on Highland Avenue; $122,500.

Anthony and Shannon Troy to Madelyn Kuthy, home on Fairview Avenue; $90,000.

Sweet Pea Land LLC to White Donuts LLC, Dunkin Donuts on East State Street; $647,500.


Bank of New York (Lawrence Beardshall, et al) to Gregory and Melissa Allen, home on Lincoln Street; $11,000.

St. Clair Township

Mark and Gretta Casto to Joseph and Traci Reese, home on Hickman Road; $250,000.

Kelly Moss to Richard and Kim Williams, mineral rights to 0.6 acre on Skyview Drive; $64.

Dolores Heaton, et al, to W. Dale Hammon, home on Cannons Mill Road; $65,000.

John Vishak to W. Dale Hammon, home on Cannons Mill Road; $65,000.


Richelle Hall to Huntington National Bank (foreclosure), home on Center Street; $22,000.

Jeffrey and Heidi Fluharty to Melissa Willis, home on Roslyn Avenue; $25,100.

Marian Louise Perkins to Thurl Wickham and Amanda Monigold, partial interest in home on Main Street; $15,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Ruby Stock, deceased, to David Berkheimer, home on Rocky Run Road; $115,000.


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