Security system to give cop access to camera feeds

DAYTON — An Ohio K-12 school scheduled to open in the fall will include a security system that would allow police to tap into school cameras.

The Northridge district’s new school will feature the BluePoint Alert System as part of its design, the Dayton Daily News reported .

The school in suburban Dayton would have blue pull-alarms throughout the building, similar to red fire alarms, which teachers or students could pull in an emergency. If an alarm is pulled, the system would alert first responders to the location and nature of the emergency via pendants worn by staff.

The system’s software also would also allow the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office access to the school’s video-camera feed so authorities can view the area.

“The more accurate the information is, the better response we can have,” said Capt. Dave Parin, of the sheriff’s office.

The alert system cost the district $132,558, plus an additional service fee once it is activated.

The president of the Northridge board, Tina Fiore, said they chose the BluePoint system for its effectiveness.

“Security and safety are very important. We always stress that,” she said.

Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper said that group’s members want an increased focus on addressing student behavioral issues, not on fortifying schools.

Cropper said there is a need for mental health specialists and behavioral health specialists to address the increasing number of severe behaviors teachers are seeing.

She says teachers need training on how to recognize problems and deescalate situations and do trauma-informed instruction, but “getting to the root of those problems requires more specialized training.”


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