All-District Volleyball Teams

District 1 Volleyball Coaches Association

All-District Team


Player of the Year: Kaylin Burkey- Boardman

Coach of the Year: Lawanna Sims- Youngstown East

State Representative: Morgan Cleevely- Canfield

First Team

Name Grade Position School

Kaylin Burkey 11 OH Boardman

Ashley Clark 12 OH/S Boardman

Vivian Kellar 12 S Warren G. Harding

Morgan Cleevely 12 OH Canfield

Alyssa Householder 11 OH/S Canfield

Khala Cameron 12 MH Austintown

Lainie Simmons 11 OH Austintown

Natalie Maras 12 MH Canfield

Second Team

Nalida McQueen 10 MH Warren G. Harding

Shamya Williams 12 S Youngstown East

Diamond Phillips 9 S Warren G. Harding

Alexis Metille 10 MH Canfield

Nichole Noday 12 OH Austintown

Makayla Zets 11 OH Austintown

Maria Torres 9 MH Boardman

Raegan Burkey 9 S Boardman


Player of the Year: Adria Powell- Hubbard

Coach of the Year: Jeremy Porter- Hubbard

State Representative: Faith Grant- Howland

First Team

Name Grade Position School

Adria Powell 11 OH Hubbard

Madison Smith 11 MH Beaver Local

Kristin Fahndrich 12 S Hubbard

Carmen Pugliano 12 L Beaver Local

Avrey Steiner 12 L Lakeview

Natalie Pallone 10 MB Girard

Autumn DeSantis 12 OH Cardinal Mooney

Faith Grant 12 OH/MH Howland

Skye Stokes 10 OH East Liverpool

Sarah DeGeorge 11 OH Jefferson

Second Team

Elise Wallace 10 S/OH West Branch

Hayley Lytle 11 OH Lakeview

Myah Busse 12 MH Niles

Maria Pelini 12 S Cardinal Mooney

Megan Buchheit 12 S/RT Beaver Local

Julia Gray 11 L Howland

Kiandria Cowart 12 MH East Liverpool

Maddy Hitchcock 11 OH Jefferson

Lexi Inman 10 S Lakeview

Ruthie Sandberg 12 L Hubbard

Honorable Mention

Terran Stacey 11 S East Liverpool

Kacie Spina 12 MB Girard

Reed McGeehan 12 OH/S Beaver Local

Grace Heath 11 OH/DS West Branch

Hannah Runnion 12 MH Jefferson

Julia Ferrick 12 MH Poland

Leigha Carlson 12 MH/RT Lakeview

Courtney Koken 12 OH Cardinal Mooney

Emma Dellinger 12 OH Niles

Alexis Notar 12 S/RT Howland

Silivia Genoni 12 MH Hubbard


Player of the Year: Mackenzie Daub- Crestview

Coach of the Year: Alisha Auer- Crestview

First Team

Name Grade Position School

MacKenzie Daub 12 MH Crestview

Emily Emch 11 MH Crestview

Echo Mayer-Kutz 10 OH/MH Salem

Abby Triskett 12 S Grand Valley

Allie Holmes 12 OH Grand Valley

Lyndsey Smith 10 MH Springfield

Marlaina Frye 12 S/OH East Palestine

Camryn Jarrett 12 OH United

Danielle Douce 11 MH LaBrae

Isabelle Kline 12 MH Newton Falls

Second Team

Elizabeth Boone 12 S/OH Newton Falls

Natasha Salmen 11 L Crestview

Brenna Auer 10 OH Crestview

Caitlyn Marx 11 MH Salem

Jennie Stitzel 10 OH Springfield

Cameron Pierson 12 S United

Morgan Tenney 11 S Champion

Madyson Pickett 11 S East Palenstine

Arianna Geordan 11 S Labrae

Melina Manning 11 OH Liberty

Honorable Mention

Haley Eskra 11 S Crestview

Maggie Dunlap 11 MH Champion

Josie Miller 11 S Salem

Erica Carnes 11 S Liberty

Tori Hughes 11 MH Badger

Tiana Drake 10 OH LaBrae

Mackenzie Capouellez 11 L Springfield

Hannah Mix 12 L United

Barbara Jackson 11 MH Grand Valley

Allison Sembach 10 S/OH Newton Falls

Madelyn Foster 11 OH East Palestine


Players of the Year: Lizzie Willis- Southern Local-State Representative, Addy Jarvis-Mathews

Coach of the Year: Bob Shansky- Southern Local

First Team

Name Grade Position School

Addy Jarvis 12 OH Mathews

Lizzie Willis 12 OH Southern Local

Kimmi Wiggers 12 OH Lisbon

Madyson Paradie 12 OH Ashtabula St. John

Ellee Applegate 11 OH Lordstown

Alexis Hughes 12 OH Western Reserve

Anna Sevek 12 MH Southern Local

Kiki Perry 11 MH Wellsville

Emily Russell 11 RH Wellsville

Maria Danko 12 OH Maplewood

Second Team

Emily Williams 12 S Jackson Milton

Maddie Liberati 10 OH Lisbon

Emily Gosseliln 12 S Columbiana

Natalie DeCato 11 OH Ash. St. John

Haley Durst 12 OH Bristol

Lydia Wilson 9 S Heartland Christian

Alivia Brothers 12 L Southern Local

Sadie Bertok 11 MH Mathews

Jordan Beach 12 S Lordstown

Regan Pierson 11 S Wellsville

Honorable Mention

Bailey Lewis 12 L Maplewood

Haley Lengyel 12 OH Jackson Milton

Athena Burzynski 11 JFK

Baily Drapola 11 Brookfield

Olivia Vogel 11 Brookfield

Peyton Davidson 11 Wellsville

Morgan Highley 12 Columbiana

Molly Powers 11 Ash. St. John

Emma Kemp 10 Leetonia

Brianna Luttmers 12 Leetonia

Jacquelin Warner 12 Bloomfield

Ashley Fenstermaker 11 Bloomfield

Laura Sigworth 10 Western Reserve

Riley Fellton 11 Southern Local

Megan Haynie 12 Mathews

Hannah Brandenstein 11 Heartland Christian

Ava Spano 9 Lordstown

Kendyl Switzer 11 Bristol

Hailee Carpenter 11 Lisbon