Farina steps down

SALEM – After her recent marriage, Renee Farina couldn’t give it her all to the Salem girls basketball team.

Farina, who was a starter on the Quakers’ 2004 state semifinalist team, has stepped down after three seasons as head coach.

“I’ve always said that I would step away if I couldn’t commit 100 percent,” she said. “I can see myself coaching again in the future, though I’m not sure at what level.”

The Quakers had three straight losing seasons under Farina – a first for the Salem program. She compiled a record of 17-48, but ended her stint on a relatively high note after coming off an eight-win season.

“I like to think we’ve made a lot of improvements while I was here,” Farina said. “The youth program has improved immensely. We’ve started different league for kids and the junior high athletes. There’s been a lot more involvement by us to get kids interested in basketball.”

Farina worked extensively on evolving Salem’s basketball program while she was coach, citing the expansion of youth-level approaches to create excitement for Quaker basketball.

“We had this big-little sister program that gets girls to watch the games of whoever they’re paired up with,” she said. “The summer program we have now has been packed with kids, while it was almost nonexistent before. The goal of all this was to create a year-round competitive basketball program.”

Farina says her resignation was a personal decision, referencing her recent marriage and intentions to begin a family as possible distractions.

After graduating from Salem in 2004, Farina was a two-year starter at West Liberty University.

The Salem job was Farina’s first head coaching position, one that she is grateful of.

“It was a great learning experience,” she said. “I’ll always be thankful for this opportunity.”