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Pray for us all

December 24, 2012
Morning Journal News


With the horror that happened in Connecticut I felt my heart shatter as I held back the tears and anger for those kids, even I for once considered if it wasn't best to abolish the second amendment to the Constitution, I hate guns anyway.

However, facing reality, even if a complete ban on guns was passed there are still thousands of guns out there. It would be virtually impossible to remove all of them from the street.

It in truth is really not what we want anyway. A good man once said, "If guns were ever banned the only ones who would have them would be the criminal." Do we really want killers to be able to get a hold of them and those who obey the law not have them to protect ourselves?

I have heard over the last few days people say that the only ones who should carry guns are police and military, they want the government to step in. I do not believe people realize what they are asking. In many countries the military has become active in constant control allowing their government to have full power, a kind of dictatorship without fear of retribution.

If you think this tyranny could never happen here in America, you are wrong. Already our government has the power to pass laws without ever bringing it to public vote, many laws do violate the Constitution that was set up to protect our freedom. Those who stand up to them are instantly labeled terrorists even when they are in truth fighting for freedom.

So what do we do to stop this heinous violence? Many say it's due to what we see in movies and TV and even more so from video games but what about the First Amendment? And the serial killer is only one in a thousand who enjoy these so if it doesn't affect all in such a manner. It has to be something else.

We have to make mental help far more available when there is any indication of violent tendencies. Again, though most never show any sign until it happens.

In short, we can not pinpoint one thing and say it all stems from that, it's a combination of factors and we can only be prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

I pray only for now we can push this out of our minds to enjoy the best holiday season we can.

Elbert Householder




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