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Who needs compromise?

November 17, 2012
Morning Journal News


Comprise? You gotta' be kidding right? The op-ed piece that appeared on page 4A of the Saturday, Nov. 10 Morning Journal states in the first paragraph "President Barak Obama's re-election Tuesday may set the stage for progress-but only if he is willing to compromise and recognize the mistakes of his first term."

The anonymous author of this op-ed seems to have contracted Romesia. Probably from drinking all that Republican Kool Aid. It has definitely affected his short term memory.

For the last few year the Republican dominated House has marched in lockstep and done everything they can do to deny this president passage of any legislative proposals he has made not the least of which was a works bill which would have provided jobs for thousands of American workers and improved our economic picture.

Little Mr. Tommy Turtle (Sen. Mitch McConnell-R Kan-minority leader) smiling and smirking declared "The agenda of the Republican Party is to make sure Barak Obama is a one term president." Does that sound like a mood of compromise?

Republican leadership held private meetings immediately after President Obama was elected in 2008, even before he was sworn in, during which they plotted strategy to deny him any success in his four-year term. On the very day of his inauguration yet another meeting was held to plot opposition to any agenda he might pursue.

The Republican Party is more interested in politics and power than they are in what is best for Americans and our country. Planned premeditated obstructionism does not serve our people and our country well.

Compromise? I think not. Personally I hope President Obama has a deskful of pens at the ready and that he tells any recalcitrant Republican to politely "Go pound salt."

Mike Walton

East Liverpool



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