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Voters elect Weigle; Barborak prevails

November 7, 2012
Morning Journal News

LISBON - The county will have one new commissioner and a new state representative in January.

Republican Tim Weigle, who currently serves as Unity Township trustee, ousted Democratic incumbent John Payne and beat out Independent John Wargo with 48 percent of the vote.

The three-way race was split mostly between Payne and Weigle who shared most of the votes, and Wargo, a former Democrat, finished with 14 percent, according to complete but unofficial results Tuesday night.

Payne has served as commissioner since January, when he replaced Penny Traina who stepped down to take a job in the private sector. Wargo, a former commissioner and state representative, was a registered Democrat until this year, and the party change may have influenced his results at the polls.

Weigle's public service dates back 22 years, when he was first elected township trustee, and he is a current member of the county Port Authority.

He has said he wants to bring a "business mind set" to the board of commissioners, ensure the shale gas boom is managed in a way to protect the public's health and safety, and work with the county sheriff to combat the county's drug problem.

Fact Box

President and Vice President

Stewart Alexander (Soc)26

Richard Duncan215

Virgil Goode (Con)82

Gary Johnson (Lib)416

Barack Obama (Dem)19,351

Mitt Romney (Rep)24,778

Jill Stein (GRE)210


United States Senator

Sherrod Brown (Dem)19,929

Josh Mandel (Rep)21,481

Scott A. Rupert3,120

Representative to Congress (6th District)

Bill Johnson (Rep)23,468

Charlie Wilson (Dem)20,635

State Representative (5th District)

Nick Barborak (Dem)22,064

Craig E. Newbold (Rep)21,681

County Commissioner (1-2-13)

John H. Payne (Dem)16,594

John P. Wargo6,051

Tim Weigle (Rep)20,729

County Commissioner (1-3-13)

Joe Csonka (Dem)19,862

Jim Hoppel (Rep)23,867

Prosecuting Attorney

Robert L. Herron (Dem)32,745

Clerk of Court of Common Pleas

Anthony Dattilio (Dem)32,699


John M. Soldano (Dem)19,709

Raymond L. Stone (Rep)24,193

County Recorder

Theresa Bosel (Rep)21,355

Brenda Myers (Dem)20,871

County Treasurer

Linda S. Bolon (Dem)24,651

Eldena J. Gearhart (Rep)19,111

County Engineer

Bert Dawson (Rep)34,702


William Graham (Rep)34,492

Justice Supreme Court (1-1-13)

Terrence O'Donnell25,010

Mike Skindell10,597

Justice Supreme Court (1-2-13)

Robert R. Cupp16,578

William M. O'Neill18,790

Justice Supreme Court (Un Term 12-31-14)

Yvette McGee Brown10,055

Sharon L. Kennedy25,143

Judge Court of Appeals (2-9-13) 7th District

Mary DeGenaro20,776

Mark Anthony Hanni16,446

Judge Court of Common Pleas (1-1-13)

C. Ashley Pike34,793

State Issue 1



State Issue 2



Columbiana City Ambulance (Ren) 2 mills

For the tax levy1,891

Against the tax levy990

East Liverpool City Road Levy (Add) 5 mills

For the tax levy1,559

Against the tax levy1,498

East Palestine Parks and Rec (Ren) 1 mill

For the tax levy1,266

Against the tax levy590

East Palestine Parks and Rec (Ren) 2 mills

For the tax levy1,143

Against the tax levy723

Lisbon Vill Cemetery (Ren) 3 mills

For the tax levy633

Against the tax levy421

Rogers Village Current Exp (Add) 2 mills

For the tax levy55

Against the tax levy48

Salineville Village Police (Add) 3 mills

For the tax levy189

Against the tax levy230

Wellsville Village Fire (Ren) 1.4 mills

For the tax levy771

Against the tax levy302

Wellsville Village Floodwall (Ren) 0.5 mill

For the tax levy818

Against the tax levy282

Center Township Fire (Add) 1.3 mills

For the tax levy607

Against the tax levy767

Fairfield Township Fire (Rep) 1.5 mills

For the tax levy1,088

Against the tax levy727

Hanover Township Fire (Ren) 1 mill

For the tax levy1,225

Against the tax levy474

Knox Township Homeworth FD (Rep) 1 mill

For the tax levy865

Against the tax levy291

Knox Township North Georgetown FD (Rep) 1 mill

For the tax levy631

Against the tax levy250

Liverpool Township Police (Rep & Inc) 3 mills

For the tax levy1,140

Against the tax levy710

Middleton Township Road Levy (Rep) 2 mills

For the tax levy795

Against the tax levy688

St. Clair Township Fire (Ren) 2.5 mills

For the tax levy2,481

Against the tax levy1,150

West Township Road Levy (Add) 3 mills

For the tax levy691

Against the tax levy673

Minerva LSD Emergency Requirements (Ren) 5.1 mills

For the tax levy595

Against the tax levy631

Sandy Creek Fire/EMS (Add) 4 mills

For the tax levy578

Against the tax levy781

Local Option Columbiana A Sunbreeze Tanning



Local Option Fairfield Ctr DP Fuel C-1



Local Option Fairfield Ctr DP Fuel D-6



Local Option Madison Township Rk Camp AL D-3



Local Option Madison Township Rk Camp AL D-6



Loc Opt St. Clair Township Glenmoor Mar M-Sa



Loc Opt St. Clair Township Glenmoor Mar Sun



Local Opt St. Clair South Walmart C-1



Local Opt St. Clair South Walmart C-2



While voters favored the Republican candidate in the commissioner race, they turned toward the Democrat for state representative, with Nick Barborak chosen to replace Craig Newbold.

Once final results were in, the incumbent from Columbiana seeking a second term was defeated by Barborak by a less than a 1 percent margin.

Barborak earned 50.4 percent, with Newbold earning 49.5 percent of the vote.

Barborak is currently county treasurer, a position he has held since 2007. He has said that as state representative he will focus on building the local infrastructure, which happens through improving the condition of county roads and making wireless Internet access available.

Although he and Newbold shared a passion for non-partisanship, they differed on the state's projected deficit (Newbold said it was at $8 billion while Barborak said it wasn't as high as that). The two also sparred on more than one occasion in public forums, and even exposed each other for paying late taxes.

Barborak has also said "the No. 1 issue is jobs and loss of jobs" and that he is in favor of granting tax credits to local businesses willing to create jobs. A stipulation would be that if no job creation occurs, the credits are given back.

Republicans were also favored in the second commissioner race and for county sheriff, with Jim Hoppel and Ray Stone retaining their positions.

Hoppel will begin his fifth consecutive term in January after earning 55 percent of the vote against Democrat Joe Csonka, who has not previously run for a county office. He has served as Center Township trustee since 2004.

Hoppel has said he would like to see at least two new deputies on the county sheriff roster, and that he would reinstate the county economic development director position, which was eliminated in the early 2000s as a cost-cutting move.

Stone has served as county sheriff a little more than four years and beat Democrat John Soldano, who has ran for the office four times.

Stone was chosen over Soldano by 55 percent of the vote. Some of his prior achievements include purchasing bullet proof vests for deputies with grant funding, replacing old handguns with new at no cost, and securing a $47,900 grant for new laptops and a service to run driver's licenses for warrant checks to be installed in the cars.

Linda Bolon will be returning to her former position as county treasurer, after winning over Republican Eldena Gearhart who is currently a Middleton Township trustee.

A Democrat, Bolon was treasurer from 2000 to 2006 before being elected state representative. After two terms she lost the representative position to Craig Newbold in 2010.

She previously said that she wanted to come back to the county because she believes Democrats will remain in the minority in the state legislature for the near future and she dislikes not being able to get things done.

Her past experience as treasurer resulted in the updating of the office computer system and streamlining other operations.

She earned 56 percent of the vote, while Gearhart took 44 percent.

A Democrat who beat incumbent Craig Brown in the March primary election, Brenda Dickey Myers will not be the county's next recorder.

Republican Theresa Bosel will take the position held by Brown since 2004. She won the election by earning 51 percent of the vote. It was her first run for county office, and Dickey Myers' second run. The Democrat ran for county commissioner in 2008 but was defeated.

Bosel has said she wants to bring more efficiency to the office and address the high amount of traffic there. She also wants to help foster a relationship with Chesapeake Energy to see the oil and gas boom benefits realized locally.

She has most recently worked as director of marketing and public relations at The Orchards of Foxcrest in Chester. She currently helps her husband operate a wood-cutting business.



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