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November 8, 2012
Morning Journal News


I am writing in response to the recent decisions made by Beaver Local board members and administrators. As things unfold, I am beginning to realize that we are worse off now than we were two years ago. I never thought I would say that, but indeed we have a leader that is a master at deception. When community members question agenda items, they are lied to. They are told an item is no longer on the agenda, only to learn later the item was indeed addressed at a meeting and passed without community members having their time to ask questions or bring concerns to light. It is also common practice for agenda items to be removed entirely so as not to have to deal with public concerns, only to hide those same items in amongst topics to be voted on in hopes of sneaking the item of concern through, which the board and administrators are very successful at achieving.

Monday night's actions of quietly appointing a board member, and rushing a vote five minutes later is a deceitful way of conducting school business. This position is a new position and should be handled as such. The newest board member was hand-picked to carry out another deceptive movethe hiring of a coach that had allegedly handled a child with a hearing impairment in a cruel way. Members of the community questioned whether this hiring was going to be on the agenda for Monday night's meeting and this person was told, "No, this was only to discuss board issues and hiring of personnel would not be done at this meeting." Yet five minutes after swearing in a person hand-picked by an administrator, they did a rush vote to hire the coach in question. I am sick to my stomach that this administrator is being permitted to conduct business however he chooses and answers to absolutely no one. How can a board member elected five minutes prior, get to vote on an issue as important as hiring a coach that has admitted he made unkind remarks to a hearing impaired child on his team about his inability to hear?

Mr. O'Hara stated after hearing all the evidence he knew no matter what the decision was, someone would be unhappy. Excuse me, but Mr. O'Hara wasn't a board member until five minutes prior to the vote. He wasn't even in attendance at the first board meeting when Mr. Smith addressed the board about the remarks made to his son. After five minutes you felt you were able to vote on something as important as who coaches our children?

I want to know why when community members have concerns we are brushed aside without so much as a response? Phone calls and e-mails to this administrator go unanswered all while passing every item on his agenda, no questions asked. If we do not take a stand against this kind of politics, we are in trouble. We have an administrator in charge of millions of dollars ear-marked for a new building and I don't trust him as far as I can throw him.

Anne May




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