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Acting award

October 22, 2012
Morning Journal News


Voters, I am amazed that this presidential race is still up in the air. I guess if you tell a lie long enough, (old adage), the lie looks like the truth.

Romney started a long time ago with his lies. He promised his own party fractions, such as the conservative wing that he supported them and would take care of them. Then he moved even more to the right to get his party nomination from Tea Party voters. Now he is presenting himself as a man for all the people, including that 47 percent that he spoke so eloquently about. Wishy Washy.

He is for Romney not America. Even the aides that worked for his dad don't trust him. He is attached to so much money that you can even see the strings as they are being pulled.

Yes, he is charming so is Mr. Obama. Yes Romney can debate - but that is because he says nothing of substance. Yes, he can act. Mr. Obama is not acting while doing everything he can to turn this country around. Acting is what Romney is all about.

Ohio's economy is on the mend maybe not in all sectors yet, but it is definitely better. We are not "bleeding" jobs anymore. We are moving in the right direction and we need to continue this path.

Women have a chance to receive equal pay for equal work and health care. Everyone has a chance to have Medicare not just what an insurance company decides we can purchase. We do not need any more wars or weapons that the Pentagon doesn't even want. We do not need to give the wealthy any tax breaks if they cared about creating jobs they would have done so already. They will not create any jobs with more tax breaks. They just ship them overseas and the profits to secret accounts. We do not need to remove all protections we have from unscrupulous Wall Street CEOs and energy CEOs who want to rape our bank accounts and our land.

Don't sell our country out to the highest bidder. Choosing Romney will not improve anything for anyone but his puppeteers.

Suzanne Tulk




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