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October 20, 2012
Morning Journal News


This is in response to your op on who to vote for in this election. I think you have lost your mind.

Don't you remember what this economy was like from 2000 to 2008 when the president took office? I realize that he had big ideas and did not realize the mess he walked into, but anyone going into that office has no idea of what it is like until they are on the job. You can't train for it, you learn as you go and all you could hear from Washington was "why is the country still not right?"

I realize that the president had grand ideas but every president feels the same way.

Bill Clinton got a mess and with the help of Congress he got out of it but this Congress is only interested in getting in the White House and to hell with the country. They said from the very start that they would make sure this was a one-term president.

I lost a lot those Republican years and their trickle down has never worked. Things are changing, cars are selling, goods are being bought and as far as employment there are too many people who do not want employment that will never go to work because the middle class will support them.

Mitt Romney is not the right fit for the job, I would have preferred Newt Gingrich but that did not happen. We need people learning trades now not computers. Draftsmen, millwrights, welders, electricians are all needed today and there isn't enough of them to go around. Give it a chance.

You can't fix eight years of mess in four years without help. Just my opinion, you understand.

Ronald White




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