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Four no more

October 20, 2012
Morning Journal News


With the general election only three weeks away, we all should reflect on the last four years under our present leader.

The one question we should ask ourselves, is the country better off today then back in 2009 when he took office? I don't think so. The country is headed in a direction that most people won't like.

The president is turning our nation into a socialist, marxist country, where there is less freedom and the government is involved in everything we do.

That's something that we don't want to happen. Quite a few people don't even know what is going on in this country.

They vote on party lines. When you vote, you should know what issues are at stake. I am a registered Democrat and have been voting for many years, but I vote for the person that I think will be the best individual for the country.

Our current president surrounds himself with radicals, socialists and communists.

He has turned his back on our ally Israel, which are the only friends we have in the Middle East. He is trying to cover-up the Benghazi attack in which four of our people were murdered, including the ambassador. He favors the Muslims over Americans. That is very evident by all of his apologies. Another cover-up he is involved in is "Fast and Furious," where guns were sold to the Mexican Cartels - with a sting operation focused at embarrassing the NRA. But that failed and resulted in the murder of a border guard.

Another four years of this man's undermining our country and transforming it into a socialist state, people will wake up, but it will be too late. We as a nation have two choices: either pull together or end up watching the death of our free democratic society. Our biggest enemy is a contingent of evil politicians in Washington.

Rich Stewart

East Liverpool



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