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Marching orders

October 12, 2012
Morning Journal News


Well I see that our former Congressman Charlie Wilson has written a letter to the Morning Journal supporting the coal industry. Then why if he has our interests at heart did he support the disastrous health care bill that stole $715 from our senior citizens' Medicare?

Well here's how it all went down. Nancy Pelosi came to him and said, "Charlie, we have way more than enough votes to pass the Cap and Trade Bill so you can be a hero and pretend to be a rebel and vote against it. However, we must insist that you vote for the Affordable Care Act because we need every vote we can muster."

Of course, Charlie caved in to her majesty and now we have a white elephant. But you can bet your dear old sweet grandmother that had the vote of Cap and Trade been razor thin that Pelosi would have grabbed him by the nose and he would have thrown the Ohio Valley under the bus.

The United Mine Workers supported Obama and he double crossed them. Charlie says they all support him. The UMW hasn't had an effective leader since John L. Lewis. They run through my mind like a procession of clowns. Let's see, there's Tony Boyle, Arnold Miller, Sam Church, Cecil Roberts and of course the biggest buffoon of all Richard Trumka.

These non-union miners here in Columbiana County aren't so gullible. Peddle your snake oil somewhere else Charlie. They aren't buying it.

Lloyd Berresford




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