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George W. Obama

October 5, 2012
Morning Journal News


The longer Obama's presidency continues, especially now that we're in the newest election cycle, the more I find myself wondering how 2008 Obama voters still support him. I'll excuse the hardline Dems -they have blind party allegiance, just like many Republicans. But I can't excuse the people who stood up behind Obama because they desperately wanted to get away from the policies of the Bush administration. That was an admirable cause, though I knew then that your candidate was full of it.

We did need to move away from eight failed years of Bush policies. There were some things that happened, supposedly out of the administration's control that certainly helped our fall.

But even you Republicans reading this can't deny that the Bush years really hurt us. Big deficits, big government, less freedom, big wars paid on a credit card. We came out in a bad spot.

In 2008, Obama said nothing, but he didn't have to. People wanted a change -so that's what he said, change. I can't fault those people for eating that message up, though I thought they were being duped at the time. We needed some change. Washington was shameful. What I can't figure out is, it's now 2012 and we've seen four years of Obama. What has changed? All of you people who still support him have become the exact people that you were campaigning against in 2008.

You hated the Patriot Act, Obama gave you NDAA indefinite detention and extended the Patriot Act. You hated Guantanamo, Obama promised to close it, it's still open. You hated the wars, Obama promised to end them, he not only hasn't -he's put us into other theaters. You hated out-of-control government spending, Obama has given you more of it. You hated lobbyists, earmarks, government handouts, corporate welfare and crony capitalism, Obama has continued it all -and worse, appointing unelected czars to oversee things. You hated Bush's bailout. We're now many trillions from that number.

Essentially everything that Obama voters hated about Bush has not only been continued under Obama, it's all had steroids pumped into it. So I find myself wondering, how can you people still support this man? Or are you just eating out of the palm of blind ignorance?

Grant Mingus




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