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Bottom lines

September 24, 2012
Morning Journal News


Dear voters, Mr. Romney has shown once again that money is his bottom line and not people. I say, people do matter in this country. "Forty-seven percent" of us do not just want a handout. We are so much more then that. We have gone to school, worked, raised our families, paid our "fair share in taxes," tried to save for retirement and be generous with our money when possible.

I completely disagree with the thought that it is the government's job to create wealth as well as the notion that 47 percent of us want a handout. Oh, by the way, who is the wealth for? The wealthy have failed to create jobs or even keep them in this country.

We are so much better than what Mr. Romney says we are. We deserve our government leaders to care about all Americans. We all need to work together.

We don't need people in Washington whose only goal is remove Mr. Obama from office, not because of the job he has done or not done but because he is Mr. Obama.

We need to exercise our right to vote. It matters. Use the right that we have fought for to decide our government Vote. Do not let anyone take away that right or say it does not matter. Especially with all the money being spent to say it does not matter and that "47 percent" of us do not matter.

American voters: Don't let the right wing conservatives, the tea party or Karl Rove and Co. or anyone else steal this election. Check on your status or update it if need be but make sure you vote. Call the Democratic headquarters if you need help. They care about people.

Suzanne Tulk




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